Stir Crazy

This fits my labs!
This fits my labs!
Boring day and with all the freezing rain, it looks like glass outside. I only got out of the house today to clean my car off in preparation for tomorrow. I really need to get those things out of the garage so I can at least use it in the winter.

We got iced in with no groceries in the house but I managed to scrounge up more calories by noon that I normally eat all day! I couldn’t stop snacking. Kevin got out on the ice to get grocery. I did laundry and cleaned the house a bit to get my mind off food. I wore my heart monitor and I did burn several calories.

The dogs have begged for food and snacks all day!

I am in a bit of pain on those wound separation areas now on both sides of my hips. They are healing but very sore. I’m sore from all the walking yesterday at the Mardi Gras! We did do several hours of walking. My fitness level has diminished greatly since the surgery.

Kevin made a homemade chicken and vegetable soup and that has filled up my bottomless pit! Hot soup always works well for me.

Eli growled at Kevin while he was cooking…drama came afterwards when Eli always runs for protection under the coffee table like he did when he was a puppy. Now that big 90 lb dog still does it when daddy gets on his ass! lol

Directtv is out due to weather (I guess) and the dogs are stir crazy from not getting to go outside for walks or anything. We let them play around in the backyard at potty time but with all the ice, the dogs do not enjoy that.

Blues play tonight with our new goalie..

We missed the big snow..

Peace Out!

(Eli hiding after Daddy scolded him)




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