Bring Me Down….My Level’s too High

I felt so skinny this morning.

My small pants and tight shirt made me look tall and slim….at least in my mind. I was in a great mood. The song “Happy” by Pharrell came on the radio and who don’t want to dance or run when they listen to that song??

A couple of employees even commented this morning that I needed to stop loosing weight! That actually pisses me off more than compliments me. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because I get to decide when I’ve lost enough. I know they are not trying to offend and are trying to compliment so I digress.

Then, one of my 3rd shift employees was having service pictures made and I’m always in those pictures. I felt really good standing there with my flat stomach and my cute shirt…and then I saw the picture. BOOM! I looked fat. Maybe it is my computer screen at work that I viewed the picture on that made me look wide, bloated and old! HA!

Is that a woman thing or do men feel that way too? Now, after that picture, I really feel fat and nothing changed except for my self-image.

Anyway, I’m back to my happy self-image mood. 🙂

I’m thinking seriously about blowing off my surgeon’s appointment on Friday. I was not planning on staying in St. Louis this coming weekend so driving up on Friday for a 10 minute appointment seems unnecessary. But with all the wound separation that I’ve had lately, maybe I should. It’s going to be 65 here on Friday! I don’t want to waste that day. I am going up next Thursday for the weekend for the St. Patrick’s Day 5 mile run….so maybe he can re-schedule me for the next Friday.

Scar wounds seem to be healing much better. I do have a place under my right arm that causes me some grief.

I need to get back to work….it’s crazy busy for me lately.

Tomorrow is student scholarship interviews at local school here. So I’ll be out of the plant for most of the day. I’m not a big fan of teenagers but I’m always uplifted interviewing students who are achievers. It gives me hope.

Work Selfie
Work Selfie

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