Runner Girl Once Again

Keep Running
Keep Running

I took off from work early yesterday so I could run and I ran! I was winded and tired but I did over 2 miles. Not great but a start and not a bad time! šŸ™‚

I’m going for 3 tomorrow and work up to my 5 Miler the next Saturday (St. Patrick’s 5 Mile Run in St. Louis).

I think it’s time I get off my ass and get back to running. I’m changing playlists, getting out my nice running gear, stealing my husbands Beats by Dre and getting back to on that road! šŸ™‚

I had a big challenge today and I passed. Today 4 of the managers here interview students for scholarships here at a local school. I head it up. The school staff treat us well and fill the room with all kinds of snacks including my favorite sweets….Hersey’s Nuggets with Almonds! I dreaded going in this morning due to all the nice snacks there. I did not touch a single thing! I ordered a salad for lunch with dressing on the side and walked out of there proud of those students and proud of me.

I did reschedule my surgeon’s appointment for tomorrow to the next Friday. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and 65. I couldn’t waste that day.

~Peace Out

Hubby's Beats, Soon to be Mine
Hubby’s Beats, Soon to be Mine
Good God I love these bitches!
Good God I love these bitches!

4 thoughts on “Runner Girl Once Again

    1. Beats by dre are very expensive ranging from $100 – $500. My husband won these in a raffle and the sound is incredible and they are durable. I use skull candy buds. Inexpensive relatively $30 or so and I love them and last for as long as dogs don’t get ahold of them! Ha

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