Big Girls, Reubens and Summer Clothes

My mostly eaten Reuben
My mostly eaten Reuben

Kevin and I enjoyed ourselves at Quinton’s last night. We have some stories at that place! haha We have consumed gallons of alcohol and eaten pounds of nachos! Kevin ordered the nachos but I ordered a Reuben so that I could stay on my challenge. I’m on day 6 of my challenge and doing well. I’m kinda proud of myself.

I was tempted but I did not touch the nachos! The reuben was delicious but I did drink the “big girl” bud light plus a pint! They are called big girls because they are served in big hourglass shaped glasses. Thursday nights use to be our standing date at Quinton’s, even while I was losing weight. It would be my once a week guilty pleasure. We’d drink a big girl and share a plate of nachos. I’m a buffalo chicken wrap and reuben aficionado. They did have a great reuben. It’s the first time that I had tried it there.

After a healthy breakfast this morning, Kevin and I walked the dogs. 65 yesterday and calling for snow today and back to 60s tomorrow!

I tried on summer clothes this morning that I had packed away. I was giddy with my flat stomach and non flabby arms. I kept coming out showing Kevin how I looked. He said I was smiling like I was intoxicated! I’m excited.

I’m not going to run today because my shins are achy so will attempt the full run 3.1 tomorrow. Next Saturday is the St. Patty’s Day 5 mile run in downtown St. Louis. It’s fun but very challenging with all the inclines. Over 13,000 fun and crazy people run in it. Afterwards we all partake in green beer and corn beef and cabbage! All still within the rules of my challenge!

Today on tap is grocery shopping, workout at the gym, housework, laundry, St. Louis Blues hockey this afternoon, something delicious and healthy for dinner…maybe some wine tonight and cuddling with Kevin, Peyton and Eli. 🙂

Oh, and body and arm lift scars are healing nicely.


Big Girls!
Big Girls!

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