Runners are Sexy

No matter how slow, fast, size, age, sex, race, religion…..

Runners are sexy as hell to me.

Running is a bit like sex because you are always seeking that sweet spot! On my run today I found it and it’s been a while šŸ™‚ It doesn’t happen often but I’m always wanting it! It happens for me when I’m very tired and all of a sudden a bit of euphoria happens and kicks in the energy. I get goose bumps. It’s weird and fleeting.

I did it! I did a full on 3.1 run today with no walk break. My time was decent (less than 35 minutes) and I felt good. I’ve complained so much lately how disappointed in myself I’ve become and how after my surgery that I was having to start back at ground zero of running. It was time for me to stop bitching and start running. I think I’m back in that groove (motivationally speaking).

I don’t know many runners personally. My friends, co-workers or family don’t run. My husband runs but he is not as excited about running as I am. He does love the camaraderie of group runs. I do too! I love that party atmosphere and fellowship.

I love to try to encourage people to run but I have a hard time convincing people how much it will improve their entire outlook and life.

People who are beginner runners seem to have a romanticized notion that running is something you will enjoy…no! I’ve talked to many people who love the idea of running and want to belong to that awesome club. But for many, they become disenchanted after the first time because they feel tired! Come on….you are supposed to feel tired or else everyone would be doing it and the streets, sidewalks and trails would be crowded with us arrogant fuckers!

And then there are those who will never push themselves when they get tired. My thought is run until you can’t use those muscles anymore…then run another half mile!

I play games while I run. Sometimes I’m Pat Benatar performing “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” or Heart singing “Barracuda”. I have been Billy Idol in “White Wedding”. My favorite concert that I perform is “Solid as a Rock” by Ashford and Simpson. Use your imagination. Sometimes I plan out my day or activities that I need to complete or start. Sometimes I cry. It’s my stress reliever more than anything. If I’m mad at someone or something thing, that anger completely disappears in less than a mile. Whatever gets you through.

But my favorite game is to pretend that I’m in the Boston Marathon and I see the finish line. Ahhhh, yeah that’s my favorite.

Do you get jealous when you see others running when you are not?

Do you drive past places and wonder how it would be to run there?

Do you do a special little knowing nod to other runners when you meet them during your run?

Do you like laying out all your run t-shirts so you can look at them?

Do you constantly listen to shitty pop music for ideas to add to your running playlist because of it’s beats per minute?

Do you look at other’s running gear and wonder where they got it?

Do you spend more money on running shoes and gear than you do regular clothes and shoes?

Do you find yourself talking about running to others who still don’t know the difference in a 5k and a marathon?

Yeah, you’re a runner too.

9 thoughts on “Runners are Sexy

  1. I’ve never quite thought of running that way! lol Perhaps if I did, I may need surgery on my knees. I know what you mean though. It’s not quite like sex, but I do enjoy playing basketball. The epiphany of seeing the whole court, seeing lanes open up, and being able to predict where your teammates and opposition are going to go is heady stuff!

    1. I would imagine the same is for basketball. All that excitement and adrenaline. Basketball, like running is a social event where like others come together and sweat! It’s all good!

  2. You’re my new favorite person. Today, after having an especially triumphant run after weeks of being cooped up, I listened to Pharrell Williams’ Happy and danced the last block home.

  3. This post is very inspiring, and I can admit that to all your questions, my answer is yes. I’m a keen runner and have been for 12+ years, and one thing I do when I always run is not plan a route. I love running in the countryside and see some unknown path or road and think ‘where will that lead me?’. Also when I am tired, it does run through my mind if I want to run, but deep down I know I should and I will or I won’t improve… I believe that the only way to improve is to run until you are on the ground curled up in pain. Only then you will see some amazing improvement in your times. And always reach your mileage target for your run, then add that cheeky little sprint extra.

    The sweet spot does appear in running, but as my coach tells me ‘you will always have more downs than ups in running, but that day when you perform it will be worth it’

    1. Your coach is right! Rarely does someone hit that sweet spot running. Even with the downs, I always feel good afterwards…after the disappointment, of course. Thank you for reading and commenting. And run on šŸ™‚

  4. I’m really enjoying your posts! Great insight and personal asides and I love that you bring your pups into your posts! We have two Aussies and they are the loves of our lives and one of the biggest factors in making our family an active one! If you have a chance and/or interest check out my blog over at!

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