An actual excuse I've heard
An actual excuse I’ve heard

I have gathered over my years that some people find me demanding, controlling and skeptical. All of that may be true but many of those people say that I am the most generous person they know. I give freely to people (money and time) and never expect anything thing back. But many times, I just wish they would, in a small way, show me a bit of appreciation. Something about that makes me feel good about myself.

I hired a person (Erick) a couple of weeks ago from a temp agency. He didn’t have any real work experience but he was young so I thought he deserved a shot. Our goal is to use temps and turn them into permanent employees if they show promise. If we bring in 5 temps, 4 will go home at lunch and never come back or call. This has been the case for as long as I’ve managed this job.

Erick worked half a night and said he got an emergency call that his baby was in the hospital and not breathing.

We usually never hear from them again. When Erick left the plant, he did not drive (according to employees outside smoking who don’t mind being a tattletale) toward the hospital but the opposite direction.

I called his agency the next day, who had not heard this story. They called him and he told his supervisor at the agency that his baby was in St. Louis hospital having surgery. Next day, the baby had a second surgery. He doesn’t show for several days and this morning I get an email from his contract employer that his baby died and he won’t be back to work here. I didn’t expect that outcome.

Am I jaded or hard-hearted for not believing that story? I’ve been in this job too long.

Day #7 of my 30 Day No Junk food, Sweets or Fast Food challenge. I feel smaller and healthier.

No running tonight, maybe. I should because it’s 65 outside. Or maybe that couch is calling my name.

I’m going home soon and get some puppy loving 🙂

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