Running with Peyton & Eli


You thought I meant the Manning brothers, didn’t you?

Today I did something I rarely do anymore. I ran with my dogs. They are 85 lb chocolate labs. They love running more than chasing tennis balls which they adore.

I needed to run today and they needed to be walked. I wanted to do both before it got dark.

So, off we went.

To some, running with dogs is cool, perhaps even a romanticized way to run. You see yourself running like the wind with your hair blowing and your best buddies in the world running beside you. You just know that passerbys are looking at you and smiling…maybe even jealous that you look so cool with those handsome brown dogs. You wish someone would snap your picture for a magazine.

You obviously have never run with 2 big dogs.

Well, let me tell you what it’s really like. FYI: I chose the best way with the least distractions for them.

We start out ok, a good pace. About half a mile in, Eli finds a bag of rotting chicken gizzards that had fallen out of someone’s garbage bag. It took a while for me to wrestle that out of that crocodile snout. Then soon after we start back, Peyton sees a better place to pee on the opposite side he is running on, darts across and trips me. While I’m trying to collect myself and hold my temper, his tail catches my earphones and jerks them out of my ear. Eli is scared of every little dog he sees or imagines he sees. Halfway, Eli has to poop. So the rest of the way, I’m running with a purple poop bag dangling from my hand. About a half mile from home, there is a bus stop near a grocery store. It’s crowded with people who want to pet them or talk to me no matter how much I say “no”. One of the guys has a bag of good smelling chicken tenders. It took a while to get them away from that bus stop. I’m cussing every breath, I’m out of breath, my right arm is hurting….

But, I burned 438 calories on a 3 mile run!

Eli, Me and Peyton
Eli, Me and Peyton

3 thoughts on “Running with Peyton & Eli

  1. Great story! My dog gets very distracted as well, so I won’t bother doing anything but walking him or playing fetch in the yard. Beautiful tat, by the way. Looks like it hurt like hell though.

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