Hot with a Chance of Snow

My Lunch View Today
My Lunch View Today

Yesterday was a beautiful day. It was 76 degrees. I could even see the buds on my magnolia tree starting to show.

A huge hail and thunderstorm moved in which scared the dogs but that’s not hard to do with my dogs. The temperatures dropped and this morning I woke up to ice and snow. unbelievable. The day got better and tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and 65! I experienced 4 seasons in 1 day.

Tomorrow after work we are heading over to St. Louis for the weekend. Saturday is our St. Patrick’s Day run which I am looking forward to.

I’m not sure I have the stamina for 5 miles but I always think that and I’ve run it well for 2 years.

I don’t have much to say except for “No Sweets, Junk or Fast Food” 30 day challenge is going well. It’s day 9. Today my baby carrots tasted like candy.

I have an appointment with my plastic surgeon Friday and I am healing pretty good but I have a place under my arm that is not healing well.

~ Cheers!


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