An actual ethics complaint
An actual ethics complaint

If I don’t get out of this madhouse soon, I might go berserk! It’s been crazy busy here for the last month. 12 hour days crammed with whining, bitching, tattling, micromanaging, paranoia…you name it.

I am leaving work in a few and off for the weekend. It looks like a nice day at about 60 degrees. I’ll go home, pack up for our St. Louis weekend, run myself, walk and feed the dogs.

My day got started off badly when I found a paper left on the fax machine (my mistake) and another manager put it in my mailbox because she was my employee. She was faxing something to her doctor. Only the top sheet was left at the fax. When she had to put her job title, she put “Pee On” meaning peon of course. This person is the most pampered person in our company because she is also the one who calls hotlines complaining. I took the paper and ask her why she did that? She appeared embarrassed and apologetic. But she is good at that game. She is 30 something and acts like 14. I was so pissed off. Not to mention she was faxing personal items on a company fax.

I am looking forward to our run on Saturday! Green as far as the eyes can see 🙂

Anyway, signing off and pissed off!


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