Shamrocks and Crawfish

Watching the Sea  Lions
Watching the Sea Lions

A very nice day here in St. Louis. I had my surgeon appointment this morning and he thinks I’m doing well. My follow-up in 1 month. I still have one scar separating under my right arm that I wish would hurry and heal.

Kevin and I picked up our race shirts at the Hilton downtown and dropped by our favorite place at Broadway Oyster Bar for lunch and a bloody mary.

I got in a quick run today also and surprised Daniel to pick him up at school. Seeing that boy makes me happier than anything.

Daniel, Kevin and I met up with Allison and Sadie at the zoo. Not many animals were out except the sea lions. It was still a nice sunny outing. Sadie is as cute a bug. Daniel was my sweetheart as usual.

Met the kids later for dinner at Molly’s and I had a crawfish lasagna which was delicious!

I don’t have much else to say except for I’m excited for our big 5 mile run tomorrow. I’m a bit nervous but I’m going to do my best and enjoy the run.

The shirts look great. I’m sure I’ll have pictures tomorrow. It’s been a full and good day.

Sláinte agus táinte!


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