I Rocked the Ides of March

Lucky and me
Lucky and me
That’s how I felt today running…

That rarely happens with me. We got up early, put on our green, St. Patricky things and headed downtown for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade Run. Green people as far as the eye could see! Over 13,000 runners participated.

I fully expected to not be able to run this entire 5 miles because I just haven’t done the roadwork since my surgery. So at least, Kevin and I thought we’d just enjoy the camaraderie and run as much as we could and walk when we needed to.

I knew within 1 mile that I was going to enjoy that run and I did. It’s not an easy run because after 2 miles, there is a 2 mile incline. After that incline, a sweet decline!

My time was a few minutes slower than last year but this is my best race ever. I felt good and energetic the entire time. I even found that sweet spot a few times! That sweet runner’s high…..

I monitored my heart rate and when it reached a number that I couldn’t maintain, I slowed my pace.

We stayed in Irish Village and celebrated, drank beer and listened to bands.

Afterwards, we walked 40 minutes to meet Allison, Daniel and Sadie to watch the parade. It was a nice day and I burned over 1800 calories!!

So, what did I do? I went to Tortillaria and ate delicious and fattening Mexican food.

Daniel is spending the night and he and Popeye (Kevin) are playing Lego Batman on the Playstation.

I’m as tired as I’ve ever been and still very proud of that run. The day was beautiful and I’m a bit sunblistered.

I broke my 30 Day “No Sweets Challenge”. I ate cookies 😦

But I’m getting back on that horse tomorrow too! I’m motivated.


5 thoughts on “I Rocked the Ides of March

  1. Alright on the 5-miler. Being new to the running thing this year…I am really thinking St. Paddy’s day is really the start of running season. I see a LOT of people posting on their runs this weekend and that is just a coolness beyond cool.

    As for the Mexican food … mmmmmmmmmm πŸ™‚

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