Corned Beef and Pokemon

Corned Beef, cabbage and colcannon from my husband
Corned Beef, cabbage and colcannon from my husband
Corned beef and cabbage is associated with the Irish, especially in America but I’ve read that people in Ireland rarely eat it.

American’s love St. Patrick’s Day mainly because it’s another reason to get stinking drunk! I’m long passed that, I think. 🙂 We may head to McNally’s for a while tomorrow night but it’s a work night I’d rather not. Kevin loves it though.

Today we have gone through 4 seasons in one day. After 78 degrees yesterday, today was cold, windy, snow, sleet and freezing rain and back to rising temperatures and sun.

We took Daniel home a bit earlier than we wanted due to the weather. Every time I leave him and know it will be a while before I see him, I cry. He used to be right down the road from me and now I don’t see him for weeks at a time. He asked if we were coming back next week and we told him “no” and he got upset. I know he misses us to. It was great to be with both Daniel and Sadie.

Now he’s all about Pokémon card collecting and now I know a lot about them! Squirtle and Pikacu are my favorites. 🙂

Today was an exercise rest day but I recovered very well from my 5 mile run yesterday. No knee, foot or shin issues. I’m still motivated and will crank up my running this week to get more road time.

It hurt me to do it, but I registered for the Go! St. Louis 5k instead of the half. It is still a big disappointment to run only a 5k when I finished the half last year but I had to do what was right for me. My goal is the full marathon either in the Chicago Marathon or the Rock n’ Roll in St. Louis.

Now it’s time to catch up on “The Following” and “Bates Motel”



2 thoughts on “Corned Beef and Pokemon

  1. I’ve stepped on a few of the legos too! lol I guess some toys never change for kids. Daniel loves Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and my son (his dad) loved them too! lol

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