Squats and Fried Taters


I have been starving all day. I ate all my snacks plus lunch 1 hour before I normally do. I also was a bit lazy at work which might explain why I was so hungry.

I try very hard to never eat a burger or fried potatoes. I’m from the south, Tennessee to be precise. I’m in Missouri now and contrary to what yankees may think, Missouri is not the south.

Southern people love many things loaded with butter or sugar and fried potatoes or “taters” as we formally call them is at the top of that list. If you add green onions to them, we’d take a bath in them. It’s been said in my family “I’d eat a shoe if you deep fry it or put velvetta on it”.

I’m not saying that being from the south made me fat but it didn’t help matters. Pan fried potatoes sit at the top of the list of what I would want as part of my last meal if I were going to walk that green mile for some reason, that and fried green tomatoes.

Ok, back to where I was going with this story. I was driving home from work starving. I was trying to think of what I was going to eat when I got home. I remember Kevin bought potatoes to make colcannon with. So, I put oil in a skillet, sliced and fried those 2 potatoes. I also put a piece of baked chicken breast on the plate but ended up not eating it being stuffed from the potatoes.

46% Carb, 30% fat, 24% protein. I strive for 40, 30, 30. Blew the hell out of that, huh?

I ran 2 miles and did day #2 of “31 Day Squat Challenge” to ease my conscience.

~Get Outta Here~


2 thoughts on “Squats and Fried Taters

  1. yah on squats!

    And … I have never known anyone to eat Fried Green Tomatoes … even if that movie was popular. What does it taste like?

    (By the way, I love the way you right …very conversational 🙂 )

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