Run, Squat or Die

The gluteals are heavily recruited in the deepest portions of the squat
The gluteals are heavily recruited in the deepest portions of the squat

Last night was day #2 of the 31 day “Squat Challenge”…..

The muscles used in a squat are: gluteals (both max and medius), quadriceps, hamstrings, spinal erectors and core muscles such as abs, obliques etc. I am primarily targeting the gluteals. I need a butt to hold up my running pants since my surgery! 🙂

Squats and planks may very well be the most effective exercises a person can do if done properly.

This morning, I could hardly squat on the potty! Tonight, I might have to get out my “Go GIrl”

I’m a runner and I do have strong legs. I really noticed those strong quads after I had my surgery. I was told that sitting on the toilet would be the hardest thing with the lower body lift and the cut all around my lower body. So that’s why I bought a “Go Girl”. But even the day of my surgery, I was able to squat (with power from the quads) with no issue so I never used the “Go Girl” after my surgery. My legs were strong enough to hold my weight for the squat!

I do plan on using it for future events such as outdoors when camping, hiking or trail running to keep from squatting over poison ivy or a snake!

I am about to make the big decision to sign up for my first marathon. I ran 2 half marathons last year so that should count, right? 🙂

I am considering 2 options. One is the Chicago Marathon – Oct 12 and the other is Rock ‘n Roll Marathon – St. Louis – Oct 19.

I have been told that Chicago is the flattest and fastest. I ran the half in the St. Louis Rock ‘n Roll last year and it was a killer with many long inclines. St. Louis Rock n Roll is cheaper than Chicago. Chicago is $180 and St. Louis $90. St. Louis is my home so I can get a good rest in my own bed and I’d have to stay in a hotel in Chicago. Chicago registration starts today and it fills up fast so I need to make a decision.

I will never be a truly satisfied runner unless I complete a marathon and at my age, time is running out. I am still healthy and in good shape but I don’t fool myself, with each year ticking away…chances are less and less that I’d be able to. I’m afraid if not this year, never. 😦

The thought of registering gives me butterflies. I have researched training plans this morning (instead of working HA!) Runkeeper, Coolrunning, Higdon and Galloway are good plans. I’m sure there are many others that I will check out in the cominng days.

Tonight will be a quick run and day 3 of Squats!

I am doing well again on my eating. I’m eating healthy (except for fried potatoes last night). No sugar, candy, cookies…you know, the good stuff. I’m not eating after 6 which cuts down tremendously on my calories and I like that hungry feeling when I go to bed and an even flatter stomach in the morning.



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