Amber Colored Memories


I have been so good with my healthy eating this week. I feel skinny and healthy. But I want to screw that up! This is Thursday and it used to be date night for Kevin and me. We’d go to Quinton’s for nachos and big girls!

We did this routine through most of my weight loss period. I was able to do well all week, all day and save calories on Thursday night for beer and fattening nachos. We’d then walk around downtown and sometimes go to Sparky’s for ice cream. Memories…..

Now, Kevin is Paleo. Nachos and beer do not fit into that lifestyle very well. What has happened to the man I love?

Ok, I tried this way of eating for 4 months last year! I honestly see no value in it. I didn’t lose weight, I craved carbs all the time, and high protein diet is hard on your kidneys and I only have 1 to spare. I actually think it’s a bit dangerous if someone goes overboard on it and I did. I ate more than normal and almond flour breads are HIGH Calories! But for some reason, Kevin continues it and no one on the planet likes beer more than him.

I can’t live a highly restrictive lifestyle, I just can’t. My thoughts are that I don’t have to give up things I like if I consume it in moderation. I’ve lost ~130 plus lbs to prove that, at least to myself. If I have to ever stop drinking a cold beer on a summer day, I’ll die! ๐Ÿ™‚

I try not to judge other people’s attempts to lose weight but for me, restriction would be torture and I’d less likely stay on it. Weight Watchers is a good option for people, I think. It allows you to choose some things you like, again….moderation and calorie count are the key.

I’ve done nutrisystem and lost weight, for 3 months. It came back. I’d done Jenny Craig, Adkins, Paleo, Sears Diet, Dolly Pardon diet…Oprah Diet…on and on and on. I couldn’t stick with it.

Until I started calorie counting on and never even understood the calories I consumed until then. I am a healthy eater for the most part. I try to balance 40 carb, 30 fat, 30 protein but every now and then, I eat a Cadbury egg! Yum!

I’ve had such a bad day at work, all I can think about it going out and getting a big beer! Nevermind the food…I’m fighting that impulse but I just send Kevin a text hinting…maybe he’ll make that decision for me! We could do it tomorrow but he works late so that means I’d have to go from lunch to late before eating.

I’m hungry and I’m thirsty and I’m weak.

Ok, I was a good girl after all that ranting. I came home and ran 3 miles, ate a small dinner and now I’m sitting outside with a glass of wine.

It’s beginning to look like spring here. My daffodils and tulips are sprouting up. My birds are coming back to eat. I’ve missed my chickadees and downies.

~Outta here~


2 thoughts on “Amber Colored Memories

    1. But winter is not over here! Calling for snow again on Monday but will be 75 today and I feel a glass of wine in the backyard coming on! Thanks for reading. ๐Ÿ™‚

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