Kettlebells and Apocrine Glands

Check out those arms and shoulders thanks to kettlebells in June 2012. Pre - bicep accident.
Check out those arms and shoulders thanks to kettlebells in June 2012. Pre – bicep accident.

Two nice side benefits from my plastic surgery back in December are I do not have to ever wear deodorants again nor shave under my arms again! When my surgeon performed the extended brachioplasty, he removed sweat and stink glands (apocrine sweat glands) and also the hair producing glands.

But as a result of that, I forget to shave my legs! I have always done the 2 together so without doing the underarms, I forget the legs. It’s shorts and skirt weather coming up so I better pay attention to that! 🙂

Today I did my kettlebell routine again outside on my patio. I used to be the kettlebell queen and my body showed it especially shoulders and arms. Unfortunately I had an injury that ruptured my right bicep. Your bicep has 2 tendons that hold it to the rotator cuff and I tore and subsequently ruptured the long tendon. That is permanent. Surgery can repair but the Orthopedic doc said that unless I was a major league pitcher, there was no purpose to the surgery. As a result, I started getting rotator cuff impingement so I had to basically give up all workouts that I loved except running. I got steroid shots, physical therapy, drugs….nothing helped.

The bicep is better or at least no pain and some rotator cuff pain sometimes. I did a light kettlebell routine today and in 30 minutes burned 365 calories! It felt good and I was worn out. I forget how taxing that was.

I’m happy 🙂

At the time I had to stop due to the injury, I started getting depressed and gaining weight that I struggled so hard to lose.

I will take it easy but I want to get my routine back. I’m starting light weight on kettlebells and I won’t push it until pain like I used to.

I’m sitting in our beautiful backyard watching birds, my sweet doggies and eating gorgonzola cheese and drinking a strawberry moscato made here in Missouri. My sweet chickadees are back!

This weekend, we are staying in Columbia and Kevin is working late. I might sit out here all night with a fire in the chiminea listening to Al Green.

How much protein does a bottle and a half of wine have? HA

Tomorrow is my long run and I’m going to try to get 6 to 8 miles. I’m going to have to drink my protein tonight due to wine and cheese calories!

Outside with a fire and listening to Blues…my favorite music. Tab Benoit is my favorite. Check him out on Spotify.

Snow is a coming Monday!

~Peace Out~

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