A Short, Long Run

I have a nice collection of different weights
I have a nice collection of different weights

I now remember why kettlebells are so effective as cardio and body sculpting. I woke up this morning and could barely walk! Kettlebell squats, throws etc work every muscle and many you don’t remember you have. Like the ones on the inside thighs, butt and quads. I’m also still on my “31 day Squat challenge” and last night was 50 squats.

I woke up starved also. I did not eat a very healthy diet yesterday. Most of my calories went to wine I’m embarrassed to say.

When I was walking the dogs, I realized how I must have looked walking to passerbys caused my sore lower muscles all the way down. HA!

Today was my long run and I got in a full 6.2. I had planned 6-8 miles but didn’t quite make it. I enjoyed the run and I felt good after the kettlebell soreness had worked out. I ran on the MKT trail and it was beautiful. So many runners were out enjoying the cool, sunny morning. My knee is a bit tweeked and I could really feel it at mile 5 but I pushed through. Next Saturday I’ll try for a 7 mile run.

I went to the local runners store today to look for a new running belt. The one I’ve been using is awful and it bothers me the entire run. It’s too bulky and doesn’t fit right so flops and hits my stomach or hip. I love my new one! It fits tight and snug and its light weight. I need a running belt to take keys, ID, Iphone etc when I run. This one is perfect and about ~ $30. It’s made my Ultimate Direction Jurek Collection. I won’t be running tomorrow but I’ll be tempted to try it out.

Day 6 of Squat Challenge tonight is 55 squats. I’m so sore now, that will be hard.

Yesterday was 77 degrees and today is a high of 47 degrees. It’s still beautiful and sunny here in Mid Missouri so not a bad day.

I’ve decided to run the Rock ‘n Roll – St. Louis Marathon Oct 19, instead of the Chicago. I have plenty of time to train. I need to do this!

We had planned on going to Glenn’s Cafe tonight for Cajun Cuisine but Kevin decided he wanted to make jambalaya himself. He’s a great cook so I know it will be delicious plus lower calories.

I’m camped out on the sofa watching the Blues lose to the Penguins with the dogs at my side. 😦 I turned the channel to watch March Madness – Go St. Louis Billikens!

~Happy Saturday~

Ultimate Direction Jurek Collection
Ultimate Direction Jurek Collection

5 thoughts on “A Short, Long Run

  1. I love kettlebells, too and am glad you had both a great workout and a great run!! Awesome job!! Crazy weather here, too- today was over 70 and tomorrow in the low 40’s!! Ugh!!

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