Sore Muscles and a Clear Mind

I'm sore on all these muscles plus some! HA
I’m sore on all these muscles plus some! HA

I’ve been a ball of energy lately….and that is good. I’m usually a high energy person on the go all the time.

With my new exercise regiment, yesterday and more so today, I can hardly walk! It’s the good hurt but it still impedes my mobility.

I’m going to say it again, if you don’t know anything about kettlebells and you want a super cardio and weights at the same time, give it a try. Every muscle in my lower body is sore as hell! I remember this feeling from a few years back when I got heavy into kettlebell workouts. You have to do them properly or you can be hurt but doing them right will murder your muscles! In a good way, of course.

I love it!

And also, I’m on day 8 of my 31 day “Squat Challenge” and last night (even with my sore muscles) I did 60 full squats! Tonight is rest night, thank god. I need to run 3 miles but I don’t see that happening! 🙂

I’m doing well with my “no sweets, junk or fast food”. I don’t eat after 6 so I have lost about 3 lbs. I have about 7 more to go…I think. I have a number in my mind but more importantly, I have a pair of expensive, tight and awesome jeans that I want to fit comfortably into. I’ll be “there” then.

Work is hectic but priorities of what is important are re-focused. Some things are just more important than others.

~Peace & Love~


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