Momentary Lapse…

Charlotte's Enemies
Charlotte’s Enemies

I am so near my goal weight. Those special goal jeans are looking better and better when I put them on. I’ve been a healthy eater, runner and a squatting fool. Last night was 80 squats on the squat challenge. You can almost bounce a quarter off my butt….well, not really.

But then last night we went to Quinton’s for a date night and that can never be a good idea! Fun but not very healthy. I drank a couple bud lights and nibbled on nachos.

I woke up this morning so low on energy that my co-workers noticed it. Also, I have fought the urge all day to buy a big bag of almond M&Ms and eat the entire bag!

Thank goodness that Fridays are half days for me. I got home, took a nap which I never do and made a strong cup of coffee. I put my hand in a cookie bag (which I keep as treats for the dogs) and grabbed a handful…but put them back.

I ate a healthy snack instead and put on my running gear and hit the road. That was all it took. I did almost 3 miles with ease and felt amazing afterwards. Lesson learned??? Probably not but it worked for today.

Each day is a struggle for me.

Tonight we are headed to our apartment in St. Louis. A 7 mile run is on schedule for the morning.

Then I get to see my babies: Daniel and Sadie πŸ™‚



6 thoughts on “Momentary Lapse…

  1. You’re so strong and I’m glad you’re feeling better!! It’s never good to feel tired/have low energy so I’m glad that great run snapped you right out of it!!

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