7 Miles Featuring Pitbull


I ran my seven miles this morning from my apartment to downtown St. Louis and back for 7.1

I could have done more. I had good time also at a pace at about 11. I did have right knee and hip issues but it worked itself out.

We are going to the Go! St. Louis expo next weekend and planning on switching our 5k entries to half marathons if they have the available space. I was told by the organizer that they likely will be able to do it.

I wrote about on another day that it haunted me that I ran the half at Go! St. Louis last year and settling for the 5k this year. There’s nothing wrong with 5k and they are very challenging but the half is fun once it’s over! 🙂

There is a 2 mile incline from downtown up to St. Louis University called “Holy Hill” and at the top of the hill, a priest (make-believe, I’m sure) throws water on the runners! The run is great with bands and music along with thousands of spectators cheering the runners on. I had originally slotted this on for my first marathon but after the surgery, I realized I would not be ready for that.

Oct 19 in the Rock ‘n Roll St. Louis will be my first attempt, god willing and if my body holds up.

I’m constantly looking for upbeat tempo music for my runner’s playlist and the recent addition of Roar, The Man, Moves Like Jagger, Blurred Lines along with a dozen various songs featuring Pitbull…just some of those I really enjoy and keep me going on a run.

Also pretty excited about Baseball opening day Monday…Rock the city again this year, St. Louis Cardinals!!

~World Wide~


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