Go Take a Nap!

The older I get, the more I appreciate a short nap. Short meaning less than 20 minutes.

Some people think a nap is 60 minutes or more…no, that’s sleeping. šŸ™‚

Naps started for me when I was in college. I went back to school as an adult with a family and full time job. So I had to figure something out.

I had always thought if I didn’t sleep for an hour or two, it was a bad idea to nap. I worked a full time job from 3ish until midnight and went to college full-time during the day. So I quickly learned how to catch 10 or 15 minute naps in my car in between classes.

To this day, naps (15 minutes or less) renew me tremendously! 2 or 3 times a week, I leave work and drive to a local park, park in the same parking place, lock my doors, keep heat running if it’s cold, turn radio on low, lay the seat back, put my feet on the dash, cover with a blanket that I keep in the and go off to dreamland for 10 minutes or less. I get rested and energetic from that short nap.


It is said in “10 Benefits from Power Napping” that naps are good for your heart, increase memory, reduce stress and so many more great benefits.

Today, it was raining so I thought I’d really enjoy my nap today. I couldn’t even close my eyes. Someone playing that frisbee golf game in the rain, hit my car with his frisbee. He apologized and I tried to return to my nap but it just wouldn’t happen. I really needed that power nap today! But most days, I get a nice rest. šŸ™‚

Only on a rare occasion do I get to take that nap when I get home with 2 big dogs breathing in my face or licking my feet…wanting to go on a walk or just play. I kinda like the licking my feet part! Eli loves doing that.

On the matter of sleeping, except for those 6 weeks after my surgery, I may very well be the best sleeper in the world! In 2005 I bought a Tempurpedic bed and it’s the best $$$ I’ve ever spent. I don’t dream, I don’t toss or turn, I don’t wake up a lot and wake usually feeling rested. I don’t always get enough hours of sleep. I get to sleep at about 11pm each night and wake at 4:45 am (work days) but that seems to be enough for me.

People who sleep too much annoy me. Do they not know what they miss? Again, maybe that goes back to age and wanting to take in all of life that I can, but that does bother me. Maybe I associate too much sleeping with laziness or being unhappy with your life. I think I slept a lot more when I was 300 lbs. Maybe I did that because I was unhappy….plus lazy.

If something unnecessarily interrupts my night’s sleep such as dogs barking, husband snoring or farting, text alerts.. etc….I get pissed off and I am not above throwing a pillow and screaming obscenities.

I am still regretting that bacon burger concoction that I shared with Daniel and Kevin yesterday at Budweiser Brew House at the Grand Opening in St. Louis.

I'm not keen about fried egg on my burger...Kevin loved it but Daniel and I, not so much.
I’m not keen about fried egg on my burger…Kevin loved it but Daniel and I, not so much.

I’m back on target with good, lower calorie eating and tonight is a 110 squat night and a quick run.

~Sweet Dreams~

7 thoughts on “Go Take a Nap!

  1. I love to sleep….but I don’t get too do it much. I am usually in the bed by 1:00am and back up at 7:00. When I do nap it is for 3 or 4 hours.
    Oh those fries look great on that plate…my weakness.

    1. I love to sleep too. I remember when I was younger that night time was like the end of the world. I cherish that bedtime now! lol All fried potatoes are my weakness!

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