Apple Fritter vs Charlotte

Apple Fritter with my name on it
Apple Fritter with my name on it

I’m feeling very guilty today and disappointed with myself. After a good, healthy day yesterday, I hit the bottom today!

One of our suppliers brought in donuts, fritters, cruellers, long johns, cinnamon rolls…you name it! I cursed them a bit and quietly grabbed an apple fritter…my all time favorite. Estimated at 450 calories.

So basically after my lunch that I brought, I have eaten my entire days calories and I haven’t eaten dinner yet. Normally, I wouldn’t mind so much but I did not plan to do any cardio today at all and today is even a rest day for squats.

Now I must decide to skip dinner or burn some calories. My first inclination is to go home and put on pajamas and sit on the couch. I am tired and I know it is from the fritter. But it was so good and I almost went for the 2nd one but gained my senses. Those type of behaviors is what blowed me up to 288 lbs. I could feel the old Charlotte trying to take over again.

For the most part, I do think I am very different from the over eater that I used to be. I count calories every single day no matter how bad or high the count gets. I never eat something without thinking of the calories or if it gives me some nutritional benefit. I don’t always do the right thing but I am always conscious of what I eat and what I do to burn the calories off.

I think I’ll do a kettlebell routine on my patio today since it is a nice day. That gives me cardio plus squats!

I know that I obsess more than I should sometimes and maybe people who say that are right. I still have an overwhelming fear of getting fat again. I know I am not that same person but it would be so easy sometimes to say “to hell with it” and eat what I want as much as I want. I know that I am a strong person….

But today, an apple fritter “brung” me down. Yeah, I meant brung…I do think that should be a word. 🙂



13 thoughts on “Apple Fritter vs Charlotte

  1. But my gorry I’m sure those “brungers” (those that “brung” down) were tasty!

    Surely your diet’s gotta have more than 450 calories though!!! That can’t be healthy.

  2. Oh I’m sorry to hear you’re upset but I’m so happy you are coming up with solutions to feeling better!! A mini workout would be a nice way to fell better; although, I don’t think you should feel bad for eating one!! That’s awesome you didn’t go for the second one!! I would have!! You have lots of control!! I’m glad you enjoyed it though!

  3. I don’t try to let stuff like that get under my skin too much. Life is too short. One day, now and again, to allow yourself some great tasting food that isn’t super healthy is alright and you don’t need to kill yourself in the gym for it afterwards!

  4. My husband’s favorite is apple fritters. And because of him, I have grown to love them as well. I’m not sure if I would have been able to resist. Plus, look at it this way: you need the extra calories to help with your body healing up those last few stubborn areas! I hope you enjoyed your outdoor kettle bell routine!

    1. Hey, tell your husband to try cherry fritters! 🙂 That is true and my stubborn places are finally healing up. I did my kettlebell workout and burned almost the entire calories of the fritter. 🙂

  5. Thank you for your inspiring comment on my blog today. I have another blog that I do not have posted on It is Cheers!

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