Tall Poppies


When I was in Australia, aussies taught me the word “Tall Poppies”. That refers to people that believe they are smarter, richer, better looking, more stylish, has more money than anyone else they’ve ever met. My co-worker/friend calls them “High Horsers”.

Australians use this term to cut people down or put them in their place but I use it as for a person who thinks he stands above all on all things especially intelligence and forward thinking. This person cuts people down.

You know those type people. They generally are shallow and as my dad called it “a mile wide and an inch deep”. They are the kind of person who know a bit about anything he hears people talking about and pretends to know a lot. Once you engage that person into something deeper about the subject, they look like a deer in the headlights and change the subject to something else they know very little about.

For instance, they may claim they are the biggest Dallas Cowboy fans ever. Don’t laugh. If you engage this person about the game last night (for instance), you can tell right away that person didn’t watch that game. He may be able to recap a highlight or 2 and will direct you to that part the game that he either saw on Mike & Mike or read a highlight of.

These people are surface people and all about appearances. If you talking the newest pop song “Happy”, he would quickly state his name “Pharrell” just so you would think he’s hip.

They are the “Cliff Notes” of every subject.

I work for this man.

I have felt tired and hungry all day. It’s raining and chilly. 130 squats tonight and maybe a bit of kettlebells in lieu of running.

Tomorrow night Kevin and I are going out to the “Blue Note” to listen to our all time favorite Blues singer “Tab Benoit” and off to St. Louis on Friday morning for the Runner’s Expo and Go! St. Louis. I still haven’t decided if I want to stay with the 5k or try to switch to the half marathon.



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