Tight Jeans and Blues Music

My “goal” jeans fit comfortably today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel great in them and no muffin top hanging over. They are still a bit tight on my butt but maybe that because of all the squats that I do daily! 🙂

Last night I did 130 squats after kettlebells. My bottom half was exhausted!

Storms and dogs scared of storms woke me up at 3 am this morning. It was a good thing because tornado warnings were going off in our neighborhood. After they stopped, Peyton (our most scared dog) got in bed with us and I got a few more minutes sleep and then the work alarm went off at 4:45am.

I got up this morning and felt rested and skinny so decided to put those jeans on. I was very happy with how I looked in them. I’m glad the managers at my work can wear jeans so I wore them to work.

But I had to fight for that right to wear jeans at work.

I am the only woman manager in my company and I used to wear khaki pants etc but noticed that manager men wore jeans and not even very nice ones sometimes. I gave it a try to was kinda reprimanded a bit by “Mr Tall Poppy” and I told him to look around at the other managers including himself wearing jeans. That shut his pie hole.

He also doesn’t like that I have tattoos and show them occasionally. Now I wear tight clothes and exposed tattoos just to piss him off!

Ok, back to my tight jeans. I said when I fit comfortably in these jeans, that is where I want to stay. I’m re-thinking that of course and maybe when the scale shows what I want, I’ll be there. I’m never satisfied.

My lover and playmate and I are going out tonight for drinks and to see Tab Benoit. Kevin and I share a love for blues music. It’s how and why we met back in 1999. Check out some tunes of Tab if you love blues.

(I'm his groupie) Tab Benoit from Houma, Louisiana
(I’m his groupie) Tab Benoit from Houma, Louisiana

No running today or kettlebells but I do still have to find some time tonight for 135 squats. I’m almost finished with that challenge when I get to the 200 mark. Then I will have my J-Lo butt for sure.

I think all the dancing that I will do tonight will burn calories…and maybe when my baby and me get home, I’ll burn a few more 🙂

Then in the morning…off to The Lou for Go! St. Louis expo and and 5k or maybe that half marathon..who knows…then the added bonus of seeing Daniel and Sadie.

~ Bonswè ~


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