Holy Hill Batman!

We managed to switch our Go! St. Louis entry from the 5k to the Half Marathon. Even Kevin switched with me which I didn’t think he would do.

We went to the runner’s expo at the Chaifetz center and I could have spent a fortune. It’s a runner’s paradise. I did buy a new running belt from a company called “Hippie Runner” and some GU. I like the salted caramel taste and bought the peanut butter one. Kevin bought a new runner’s sweat wicking cap. The shirts look great.

Shirt and Runner Goodies
Shirt and Runner Goodies

I’m a bit nervous and especially since when I was doing my squats tonight, my right knee feels tweaked. I’ll take it easy tomorrow and just have a casual day. I ate bad today.

St. Louis University Billiken. You rub his tummy for luck.
St. Louis University Billiken. You rub his tummy for luck.

We ate lunch at Sweet Tomatoes and a salad bar is NEVER low-calorie for me! I ate greek yogurt for dinner just to get the protein.

We went to visit my son and daughter in law tonight for a while tonight and Daniel is spending the night tonight. We surprised him and picked him up at school. I got to visit and play with Sadie for a while then back to the apartment for some rest.

Tomorrow will be a relaxed day and maybe some walk with the dogs and playing at Forest Park with Daniel. I’ll eat healthy and leave off alcohol until the cold beer I finish after the race. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can finish. I feel like I’ll make better time than last year but you never know. “Holy Hill” might defeat me! It’s a 2 mile incline and it does wear on the quads. You get to Holy Hill into the 6th mile after quads are already burning! πŸ™‚


Daniel (my heart)
Daniel (my heart)
My sweet Sadie
My sweet Sadie


8 thoughts on “Holy Hill Batman!

  1. I’m guessing the run is today (as you wrote this yesterday…I think). Good luck! I’m sure you’ll do awesome πŸ™‚ Though, just thinking of that hill makes me cringe. I hate hills.

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