Nighlocks & Broken Windows

Today was a very good and relaxing day except for one thing….

We slept until 7am this morning. Kevin made breakfast for Daniel, Peyton, Eli and me. We took the dogs on a long walk in Forest Park. Things are getting green and full of life, finally.

For people who don’t know, Forest Park in St. Louis is larger than Central Park in NYC. It is beautiful beyond belief and has so many free things to do such as the zoo, art museums, history museums, science center with IMAX and planetarium, Muny (huge outdoor play venue), golf, tennis, and the most beautiful bridges, nature etc. I love it. The 1904 World’s Fair was here there and the pavilion is still there.

Daniel had a great time exploring and climbing trees. He found a huge clam shell, picked flowers, talked to strangers, skipped rocks and fought Nighlock’s (Evil creatures who fight Power Rangers). As usual, my day is always better with him in it.

Daniel found a huge clam shell on the water's edge.
Daniel found a huge clam shell on the water’s edge.

We then went and ate lunch at his new house with his mommy and baby sister, Sadie. We even took Peyton and Eli to visit with their dog, Pepper.

But…as with all things with Daniel, some bad with the good. Before we left for lunch at his house, he picked up a rock and before I could get it out of my mouth, he threw it and busted a car window in front of our apartment. It popped and crackled and scattered and fell out. Daniel was scared and afraid. We had to leave a note on the window because we did not know who the car belonged to.

Daniel asked Popeye (Kevin) if we had to tell his parents. Popeye said yes. When I got in the car after leaving the note, he told he would probably be grounded and was trying to persuade how bad it would be for me if he was grounded….such as he wouldn’t get to play Pokemon with me! It was amusing to hear him trying to con me out of telling his parents…but I didn’t give in. I was tempted. I told him he had to tell them. He did tell his mom and his mom called his dad….I haven’t heard from my buddy since! šŸ™‚

It’s a good lesson for him. I told him I couldn’t buy anymore Pokemon or any toys for a while because we are having to pay for the window. That will hurt! šŸ™‚

We have walked a lot in the park. Ate healthy today and well rested for the Go! St. Louis Half Marathon at 7:00 in the morning. I’m surprisingly not nervous and well rested and relaxed.

I even shaved my legs and it’s been a while! HA!


Daniel's favorite Nighlock, of course! lol
Daniel’s favorite Nighlock, of course! lol

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