13.1 Easy Peasy

Charlotte's Medal
Charlotte’s Medal

After signing up for the 5k, we got switched to the 13.1 in Go! St. Louis Family Fitness Weekend.

After my surgery in December, I had not put in enough road time to think I could run the half. So with time running out, I registered for the 5k. It disappointed me to do that because I ran the half last year and I felt like it was a step back. It’s a huge event about 25,000 strong runners for all events. Today was the half, full and relay.

I made better time than last year and ran the entire 13.1 miles! Holy Hill was Holy Hell! And I was even doused by the priest this year. The 2 mile incline was hard. My right knee started hurting at about mile 8 which was at the finish of Holy Hill. Some needed declines helped me out. I changed and experimented with running techniques to help the knee. The pain subsided and I did well but at 11 miles, I was spent but finished with a nice sprint to the finish!

Now, I can barely walk. I’m home in Columbia and the drive from St. Louis was not easy and not easy to get out of the car! But it’s the kind of hurt that I love! I usually recover well, we’ll see tomorrow when I head to work. Toenail is achy like before and will like turn black like before..another thing I kinda like -)

We are good doggie owners…when we got home, we took our sweet and patient dogs on a nice long walk and then to Tortillaria to replenish some of the 2400 calories that I burned!

Beautiful day and now I’m showered and relaxed on the couch for the rest of the night.

That sweet tempurpedic bed will feel so awesome tonight!

~Run On~



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