Let’s Rock ‘n Roll

Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014

I made the big step last night…I registered for the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon in St. Louis set for Oct 19th. Once I do that, I’m committed or should be committed. šŸ™‚

Today, I start searching in earnest for a program to train by. Some of the ones that I have already slotted for review are Higdon, Galloway, Cool Running, Active, Runkeeper and I’m sure there are many more. I’ll narrow that down this weekend and prep my calendar for the training.

My only (well, not only) real worry is that most of the training will take place in the summer and I am a BAD summer runner. For some reason, I don’t sweat while I’m running outside in the heat. I know, it’s a phenomenon probably only happening to me or I thought. I can run 4 miles in humid, hot temps and never crack a sweat until I get into a cool house and then the sweat pours. So summer training presents another problem for someone riddled with problems! HA! I’ve googled that problem and it is fairly common. Some cases are explained that it’s the body’s way to compensate or protect itself by holding on to the water in the body when it’s hot outside. Who knows…

I drink plenty of water every day and more on long running days so that doesn’t work. I’ve done numerous things to try to sweat on a run such as speed increases, hill repeats, walk, sing, dance and twerk….it doesn’t work. (hey, that rhymes)

So, overheating on hot days are a real issue for me. But, I’ll find a way.

I did the Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon last year and it is a bit easier course than the Go! St. Louis Half marathon. There are more hills in the Go! I was not trained and out of shape for the RNR Half but it was an easier course, I could tell.

I’m on Day #22 of Squats – 155 reps tonight.

I need to find other workouts on cross training days during the training. I love bicycling but my right hand goes to sleep if I do it for long. Maybe some carpal tunnel or something like that. I do think Kettlebells will be a part of that since I believe it’s effective and I enjoy it.

I am completely 100% today and I think that’s great. I am amazed how the body recovers…if you are well. I try to do things that are good for me. I don’t smoke, I drink moderately, I eat right, I get the right amount of protein, I exercise plenty, I’m active…the only thing is that I need a bit more sleep. I’ll work on that.

Now for the rant or bitch session from me.

I need to probably tone down my running posts on Facebook, I suspect. I don’t do many but I believe some people hate that. I don’t think I have but two other runners on my facebook friends other than my husband.

I usually shrug it off to them hating to see posts about people who exercise because they are sitting on their lazy asses. But since I can write about it here, maybe I don’t need to post running pictures, times, upcoming races etc.

On the other hand, it’s my damn facebook, I’ll do what I want. I see their continuous streams of recipes, christian memes, other mundane shit….so they can put up with mine or delete me? šŸ™‚

~Rock ‘n Roll~

Yes, here we go!
Yes, here we go!

7 thoughts on “Let’s Rock ‘n Roll

  1. Hey I love your post and I think you should keep posting about runs on Facebook because let’s face it, we read a lot of stuff we don’t necessarily care for. It’s your Facebook page and you are living a fab, healthy lifestyle, so you should be able to status about it. I love the “I’m committed or should be committed.” Hehe, I’m so happy your excited about your marathon!! WOOHOO!!

  2. I much rather read about your workouts and running than look at pictures of other peoples partially eaten breakfast. YOU dictate, don’t let their lazy bums dissuade you! That was a giant first step to take by registering. Now it’s all about the training. I know you’ll do well, Charlotte!

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