Seasons Change, People Change

Charlotte's Magnolia
Charlotte’s Magnolia

I decided to change my blog address just to get my last name out of the address. I wasn’t sure how that affected people being able to see my blog. I think it messed things up more than I wanted! Hopefully people will see it in the WordPress feeds.

I did run about 2 miles last night and enjoyed it mostly because the weather was beautiful. Bradford Pear and Magnolia trees are blooming and the smells were incredible. My magnolia was beautiful yesterday. šŸ™‚

I may not run again until maybe Sunday morning. But..the squats continue. There are about 5 more days of squats to finish the challenge. I’ll have to keep it up somewhat so I can keep my Kardashian Booty! šŸ™‚ I wish…..

The run was good but I did feel some soreness in my left big toe and right knee so I took it easy and just enjoyed the run. I also did something yesterday that I’ve never done before. I ran in my sports bra like top! My abs were showing and no muffin top. I still can’t get over that! šŸ™‚ It felt good having the wind hit my bare stomach. If I were a man, I’d never wear a top running! HA!

I have a confession. I kinda like that Miley Cyrus song “Wreaking Ball” in my running playlist! I know we all have songs on our running playlist that we don’t necessarily want people to know we listen to. I  have so many and mostly coming from Brittney Spears and Backstreet Boys.  I am more old school music when it comes to what I listen to for pleasure but that running playlist is a whole new animal. I am constantly listening to pop stations for music to run to. Normally, I want music with 150 bpm to add to the list. Blues music just doesn’t do that!

I also found a way to put my spotify playlist onto my itunes/ipod and that made me happy in a way that is embarrassing.

What song do you have on your playlist that you might now want others to know about?

I also have a Eddie Murphy song on mine. “My girl wants to party all the time, party all the time, party all the time!” My niece, Erica, can see my spotify playlist and what I listen to and she called attention to that one. She didn’t know Eddie Murphy sang. Most people didn’t know that either. I really like running to 80’s music.

I’m in a super good mood today. I feel skinny and healthy! Ok, I’m not skinny but some days I feel like I am. Feeling thin is not everything……but it feels great to me.

I’m heading out to St. Louis tonight. Daniel and I are going to hang out tonight and tomorrow since he is out of school on Friday. We may do a picnic in Forest Park. He loves picnics…me too.

~May the Force Be With You~

Charlotte's Place
Charlotte’s Place

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