Awesomely Amazing

Today was a special day for me.

Daniel spent the night and everyone who knows…knows that makes me a happy person. I picked him up at school and he and I walked down to the plaza for dinner. It was so beautiful that we sat outside. He loves that so he can run around. It was so pretty that we walked around and he climbed on everything he could find.

This morning we went to the St. Louis Science Center to see the exhibit “Dinosaurs in Motion”, Planetarium and various great things in the Science Center. We went in a tube with tornado winds, a house where an earthquake was happening. Daniel said “this is awesomely amazing” so many times that I just felt good experiencing it with him. I smiled and laughed so much that my wrinkles are deeper! šŸ™‚


After that, we brought a picnic and put a blanket under our willow tree and quietly sat there eating, talking and singing.

This day could not have been any more perfect if I had written it myself.

Allison brought Sadie over when she came to put up Daniel. I got to play with that sassy little girl. She is the cutest and smiley faced little sweetie in the world.

Sadie Bug - What a face :-)
Sadie Bug – What a face šŸ™‚

After they left, I put on my gear and went for a 6 mile run through Forest Park. It was beautiful and full of runners. I burned 736 calories and ran many staircases.

I was so tired and sweaty when I got back to the apartment, I took a shower and was so damn tired that I didn’t feel like going to get dinner. I ate 2 bowls of Frosted Flakes that I had here for Daniel. That wasn’t enough so I have one of those Hormel REV wraps. I like those and 17 grams of protein and only 220 calories.

I’m crashed on the couch now watching the Cardinals beat the Cubs (hopefully).

I miss Kevin and the dogs who are in Columbia.

It was an awesomely amazing day! I might possibly be the most content and happy person in the world.


Handsome Daniel
Handsome Daniel

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