Buffets and Rungevity

My surprise package from Rock 'n Roll Marathon
My surprise package from Rock ‘n Roll Marathon

I went to bed fairly early last night since I was by myself and worn out. I woke up to a beautiful morning in St. Louis. I made breakfast, cleaned the apartment, packed for my trip home and went out for an incredible 3 mile run.

Magnolias, bradfords, apple and cherry blossoms were blooming all around. The little island (lovingly called) by us who are lucky enough to live in Central West End in St. Louis was busy and people in the sidewalk areas eating breakfast. I love CWE in St. Louis. It’s modeled after Beacon Hill in Boston.

I finished my run, grabbed my bags and drove home in my wet running clothes! 🙂

I was happy to get home to see Kevin, Peyton and Eli. Those dogs were so happy to see me that I have the busted lip and scratches to show it! 🙂

It was in the 80s today and great. Kevin and I had lunch downtown Columbia and enjoyed a couple of cold ones.

I got an unexpected package in the mail that made me excited. Because I pre-registered early for the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon in St. Louis, I got a free t-shirt (not the official race shirt) but it looks great!

I’m pretty sure I’ll do a run tomorrow. My marathon training starts in earnest June 16. I am really enjoying running right now. Maybe it’s the weather….

170 squats tonight and I have to admit that was hard to do. I ate too much dinner tonight. I ate at a chinese buffet which is something I hate doing and always regret. It’s near our house and after the yard work, it just seemed the simplest thing to do without having to clean up and shower! 🙂

~Run Happy~


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