Welcome to the Jungle

Run Under Armour

When you have a perfect weekend, you can count on a shitty Monday.

First, after the beautiful weather last week and this weekend, last night it stormed, turned cold and has been snowing all day today. All the Bradford pear, plum, cherry and apple trees are in full bloom and the snow is coming down making it a
beautiful, unwelcomed sight.

Tall Poppy is putting in overtime micromanaging and fucking up every decision that everyone is making out here as usual. I try not to complain about work on here much because I do have a good paying job and should be and am grateful for it. Many people do not have jobs so I should shut my cake hole on that…but still πŸ™‚

175 squats last night was not easy and I’m at 180 tonight. I have the desire to run but I am usually more hesitant if the roads are snowy or icy. I’ll see what conditions look like when I get home at 5pm. If I don’t run, I’ll do kettlebells along with the squats for some cross training cardio.

I’m still cautiously excited about my upcoming marathon training. I am trying to get a leg up on it now by running more miles.

I think I have settled on the Garmin Forerunner 220 but I hate to let go of that $300 + for it just now. I blow a lot of money but I just wonder if it will be worth it. I am going to need it for training to help track my mileage or I could just use my iphone Runkeeper to track my run and use my old polar heart monitor to track heart rate and calories burned. I looked at a few Garmins at Dick’s sporting goods yesterday but none I liked.

I did buy a new Under Armour shirt of course. Nike and Under Armour are my favorite clothes. Asics Nimbus are my shoes.

I didn't get it (yet) but love it!
I didn’t get it (yet) but love it!

Do you ever have those times when you are running and a song comes on your playlist that you have listened to for years but you heard a certain lyric for the first time? Or at least it catches your attention for the first time. That happened to me yesterday while listening to “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns ‘n Roses.

“You can have anything you want but you better not take it from me” ~ Welcome to the Jungle

I love that lyric!

That’s happened to me many times in regard to lyrics of songs I’ve liked. I was thinking I’ve heard that song for years and had it on my running playlist for years and I just heard it for the first time.

Running + Music = awesome!

**Make sure you look for the Full Lunar Eclipse tonight starting at 2:07am when the total eclipse begans and ends at 3:25am Central Time! Blood Moon!

~Carry On~


9 thoughts on “Welcome to the Jungle

  1. I love it when a great song comes on when I’m exercising. Not so much when I’m driving, because I’ll start driving too fast and get a ticket. Have you tried Newegg or Tigerdirect for the GPS? They’re usually very competitively priced.

  2. Any Garmin is good. Mine is a Garmin 205. Old, big and square and the cheapest at the time but easy to check at a glance. Best money I ever spent on anything running related. ‘Virtual running partner’ is a great tool on the watch. Good luck with the Marathon training.

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