Neurotic Runner Girl

First, the Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon) last night was spectacular. At first we worried it would be too cloudy but the sky was so clear you could see Mars…really. I set the alarm for 1:30 am and watched until 3:00 am. We put on our coats, shoes and brought binoculars to go outside. It gave me goosebumps and not just because it was cold. I wish I had carried my Canon camera out with the zoom lens but thought it would be a bother. It was a beautiful, blood-red color before it finished.

Daniel and his mommy and daddy watched it too from St. Louis. We called each other at 2:30 am and spoke briefly wishing each other a happy “Full Lunar Eclipse” day! It was a bit hard to get up at 4:45 am after that but I feel rested and fine.

Today has been an uneventful day at work and otherwise. I registered myself and Kevin for the “Race for the Cure” joining the St. Louis Blues Hockey team like last year.It was a total fluster cluck last year.

My fault of course.

I registered later than normal this year due to not being sure after my surgery how and if I would want to run.

Let me tell you about me and pre-races. I NEVER like being late to anything no matter if it’s pleasant or a gyno exam! I just hate it.

Even though we have an apartment in St. Louis and most of our races are in St. Louis, I still have a big fear of being late and having to rush. That’s the same case at airports. I’d rather be 3 hours early than right on time. I am a preparer. I print out, write down, map out everything I need to know. I lay out my gear, get ipod ready, pin bib on.

Most of our runs in St. Louis are big runs…from 2,000 runners to 15,000 runners. So maneuvering in the downtown area of St. Louis when those bothersome runners are getting their run on is hell and I mean that with closed streets, constructions, one ways etc….

We were getting there not late but late to me. I go into panic mode and usually blame Kevin! Most of the time it’s his fault. 🙂 Long story short or too late…..we missed the St. Louis Blues Race for the Cure Team picture 😦

I get neurotic over the following things before a run no matter how long or how short the race is: headphones not dangling right, shoes tied too tight or too loose, does playlist have my power songs in them, is my GPS working properly, are my panties going to ride up my crack, did I drink enough water, do I need to use the porta potty one more time, did I wear the right bra, did I pin my bib on straight, is the pin making a hole in my new shirt, are my ear bud wires too long, are they too short, do I have on too many clothes…that list is never-ending and drives my husband crazy!


The stresses before the run!

But a few minutes before the horn sounds..after every thing is fixed, I calm down and enjoy the runners around me and realize how much I love running.


~Run like the Wind~


6 thoughts on “Neurotic Runner Girl

  1. I’m very much like you, I do NOT like being late anywhere! I always like to be early and I get anxiety as well with my shoe laces before a race (they always seem to be too tight/too loose).

  2. You wouldn’t happen to be a Virgo would you? lol I’m exactly the same way! I would rather be 3 hours early than 1 minute late. I’m very anal about being on time, no matter what it is. And then worrying myself to death about all the details! laces, outfit, holes, pins, hat, ear buds, music, and what did I forget….did I turn off the lights, turn up the air, lock the doors, turn down the heat, turn off the oven…..never ending list……lolol)

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