M&Ms Saved Me


Today has been a very stressful day at work. It doesn’t happen many times but I felt that I might do something crazy like cussing Tall Poppy out and walking out the door.

I should have taken time off today to keep from blowing but we are still interviewing, hiring, firing, working many hours etc so I needed to stay.

I did what any ex-big girl would do. I went to Wal-Mart and bought $13.00 worth of M&Ms. I just bought all the ones with the seasonal and easter flavors and markings. I bought 2 bags of the Carrot Cake ones because I knew I’d love them. I plan on putting them in the “Surprise Bowl” named by Daniel when he was 2 years old. It’s a Tweety Bird cookie can where we keep special treats.

I opened the bag of Carrot Cake M&Ms at work, shut my door and ate some. WOW! It may have saved my job. I did feel better and I only ate 1 serving – 220 calories so I didn’t go nuts.

My day isn’t any better….but I am handling it better.

I am on schedule for a 3 mile run but I may bypass that tonight for date night tonight at Quinton’s.

Job interviews start again early in the morning. I’ll only work a few hours then head to St. Louis for my surgeon appointment.

I may stay in St. Louis overnight and run tomorrow in Forest Park or maybe I’ll drive back home to be with my 3 males: Kevin, Peyton and Eli. 🙂

~Peace & M&Ms~

14 thoughts on “M&Ms Saved Me

  1. Sounds like a tough day and that M&M therapy was warranted. You’re doing great, so don’t worry about the snacks. Your photo from yesterday was awesome and shows how great that you’re doing.

  2. Aww, 😦 I’m so sorry to hear you didn’t have the best day, BUT I’m hoping that tomorrow will be a much better day for you!! Those M&Ms sound absolutely tasty!! I’m glad you enjoyed them and felt better afterwards!! Chocolate has a way of doing that!! XOXOXO!! I’m thinking about you!!! You rock!!

  3. Sorry today was so stressful 😦 Glad you found some yummy M&Ms to save the day (or at least your job lol). I may need to get some for my office for the days I want to yell at parents, lol

  4. Sorry you had a stressful day at work. I can relate – I’ve had days where I wanted to quit “half baked” style. The m&ms sound delicious! Nothing wrong with enjoying some chocolate especially in moderation. 🙂 I hope tomorrow’s a better day for you! Tgif!!!

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