My Husband vs My Lover

It’s been almost 4 months since my body and arm lift surgery. I had a follow-up appointment today with Dr. Boswell and of course it was naked glamour shot picture day! 🙂 I hate that but I guess they have to document for medical, legal and bragging purposes!

I love my new body and yes it was expensive! It’s like buying a car. I was talking the other day about what might happen when I die. I told Kevin I wanted to be cremated and he said “We are not cremating that $20,000 overhauled body!”

I do feel great and all the scars are healing nicely. My increased running, squats and kettlebells are starting to show…I think.

I ran 6.8 miles today in Forest Park in St. Louis. It’s a bit warm and I’m not a warm weather runner but I had a great run. Apple and Cherry blossoms are blooming and the park was full of happy people and sweating (happy) runners. Well, except for me..apparently I can’t sweat while running in warm weather. Another issue that’s going to cause me problems while training for a marathon in warm weather but I was
happy! 🏃

I’m so tired right now, I took a shower and crashing on the couch watching my St. Louis Cardinals.  How about those St. Louis Blues over those Nasty Chicago Blackhawks? Their losing coach also grabbed his crotch toward the referees like a 16-year-old and got a $25,000 fine.  It was triple overtime and I needed to go to bed but couldn’t. It ended nicely for us. 🙂


I miss Kevin, Peyton and Eli. I’m a clingy,  immature pet owner! I can’t be away from my dogs for a day without getting weepy. We gave each other sloppy kisses before I left today.

For some reason, I’ve been weepy all day during my drive from Columbia to St. Louis. Maybe it’s from the stress of yesterday. It was one of those days where I thought of childhood memories, when my son was a baby, my parents who have been gone many years, serious illnesses with a younger brother and sister and work stresses. That’s why I ran today. I had to.

Anyway, it wasn’t anything a good run in a beautiful park couldn’t cure. My only regret is that it’s such a beautiful night that I wish I felt like getting out. But it does feel good after a shower with my feet up on the couch. I might take a walk before I go to bed tonight. Central West End is a beautiful place to dine, drink and stroll. I’m lucky to be able to have an apartment here.

I love living in Columbia but I love St. Louis. I can only explain it like this: Columbia is my husband. He’s comfortable, loving, calming and makes me happy. St. Louis is like my new lover. He’s new, enticing, intriguing, beguiling and excites me.

In the morning, I’ll take a quick run, go see Daniel and Sadie for a short bit and get hugs and kisses then head home and get more hugs and kisses.

~Because It’s the Cup~


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