Two Kids, Two Dogs and a Run

My Saturday Morning run In CWE
My Saturday Morning run In CWE

I had a good night’s sleep and had a healthy breakfast and hit the streets for a quick run. Never did I think in a million years that I’d refer to 3.7 miles as a quick, short run. But I guess the more miles you run, the more you realise that.

I love running in Central West End in St. Louis. I was a bit tired and sore this morning when I got up but after seeing how beautiful it was, I couldn’t resist lacing up my Asics. It’s a beautiful time of year with all the trees blooming and people having their coffee and breakfast in outdoor cafes.

I went to see Daniel and Sadie for a while and took them Easter candy and looked at Pokemon cards with Daniel. Sadie ate her first Chocolate bunny. She only got to have the ears. šŸ™‚ I would have loved to stay in St. Louis another night but missed my dogs!

I’ve been pretty lazy since I’ve been home. I watched the Blues beat the Blackhawks again and Cardinals won so all is right with the world.

I’m sad that I won’t get to be with the kids when they hunt Easter eggs but maybe Allison will make pictures and I’ll see them on Facebook.

I’ll see them again next week and hopefully spend more time with them.

Peyton and Eli were happy to see me. Peyton is usually the one who mopes around and whines when I’m gone but Eli was happy to see me too.

I will try for another run tomorrow morning. I’m pre-marathon training-training!


9 thoughts on “Two Kids, Two Dogs and a Run

  1. Your happiness is my misery! I love the Blackhawks! ouch. Your team may be on its way to a cup, they’re that good. If we lose to your team, then I’ll back the blues. Not until we’re eliminated though. šŸ™‚ I love the Cards though, so that’s good. lol

  2. It sounds like you’re always up for an adventure and are SUCH a hard worker!!! I love reading your posts and hearing about your days!!! Keep up the great work!!! XOXO!!!

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