Thanks Frankie!


I’m out of sorts in so many ways today. Last night I didn’t sleep at all. I’m not sure why…I didn’t drink caffeine after breakfast, no alcohol, no overeating…but I was awake almost all night.

I heard Peyton knocking at the bedroom door at about 7 am wanting to jump in bed with us. He loves doing that. Eli sleeps in his big crate (by his choice) but we lock him in to keep him from roaming all night and waking us up. Peyton getting in bed and getting both our attention and loving makes his day.

I just don’t feel well. I ate breakfast, went and got groceries and came home and ran 3 miles. It was the hardest and longest 3 miles I’ve ever run. I wasn’t in it at any point. I usually get into it after about 1 mile but not today! Struggled the entire run. It was over 72 degrees when I ran and I didn’t sweat a single bead and my face was overheating.

I have doctor’s appointment early in June and will ask her about that. It has to be a medical condition. I can sweat when I run inside or if its cold outside but with heat and humidity, not a drop. I think next time I am going to take a small water spray bottle to spray on my face. Maybe that will help. Someone on “RunJunkEes” said that maybe my body thinks I’m a camel and holds water in hot and dry! She may be onto something.

It was a beautiful day and warm today. We did plenty of yardwork and it still looks like winter war zone in our back yard with tree limbs everywhere. It’s about time to mow the yard. That’s usually my chore because I enjoy doing it plus I do a much better job than Kevin does.

I’d like to thank Frankie at “Trucker Turning Write” for nominating me for the “Sunshine Award”. I found his blog because he runs but he also writes short stories. He is from a part of the world that is on my bucket run list and visit list “Ireland” 🙂

Ten Random Things About Me:

01) I rode the mechanical bull at Gilley’s in Las Vegas

02) I sat beside Morgan Freeman on a plane ride from Alabama to Memphis.

03) I kiss my dogs more than I kiss my husband  (ha)

04) I’m really kin to Jesse James (the outlaw)

05) I can’t swim and have a fear of water

06) I’ve been to Mooloolaba, QLD, Australia

07) I fear getting old

08) I’m not the cook in my house

09) I have talent as an artist. I sketch, draw and paint.

10) I can’t stand whiney people full of self pity

Now, to nominate a few others for this award (I’m new at this thing and don’t know what I’m doing)


Headlong Running Betty



Stamped With A Heart

~Happy Easter~



8 thoughts on “Thanks Frankie!

  1. Loved your ten facts. Amazing stuff. You are so funny also.
    Don’t forget to tell the bloggers that you nominated them.
    Happy running. If you don’t sweat you must be fitter than you realise. I could sweat for Ireland!
    Thanks Charlotte.

  2. Ooo, HOW COOL!! You sat next to Morgan Freeman! Hehe, I kiss my dog more than my husband, too!!! I can’t stop kissing Prince!!

  3. Congratulations on receiving the Sunshine award! You soooo deserve it! I hope you’re feeling better!!!! 😀 I enjoyed learning a little more about you via your facts list! I could include a lot of those on my own list! ha Hope you have an awesome day!

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