We are Family

Today, I am a Boston Marathoner
Today, I am a Boston Marathoner

And you messed with my family…………..

I am so happy and satisfied that I have found an outlet to talk about my love for running. I also found a Facebook page “RunJunkEes” that I get my runner talk fix along with advice and suggestions.

I’ve said on my posts a few times that I don’t have anyone to talk running to except for my husband who is not as enthused about it as I am. When I try at work I get a feeling that people think various things such as: so what, she’s bragging, why would someone run, waste of time…and those are probably the nice things.

Today is a poignant day for me which I can’t share with anyone except with words on here.

Last year on April 7, 2013, I had just completed my first half marathon. So when the awful terrorist attack on runners in the Boston Marathon happened a little over a week after, it hit me hard. Of course all things like that make me emotional, upset and pissed but this affected me in a way that was foreign to me. I had such a sense of sadness then anger that I couldn’t express to people. I went home and ran that night with tears in my eyes.

And I wondered if I related to the runners in some weird way. Yes, I’m a runner but I’m NOT a “Boston Marathon” runner so why did I feel so devastated by this particular attack? In some way, I think all runners relate. We feel like kin when we talk about running together.

I wonder if football players or hockey players feel like that…do they feel they are all family?

I can of course talk to my husband who runs with me. He also ran the half marathon last year and he too was devastated by the attack on marathoners and all the people who love marathoners.  We discussed our feelings and we both felt the same that it was an attack on our family. Weird, huh?

I remember the sheer pain and joy that I felt simultaneously when I crossed the finish line after only 13.1 miles. So it hit me that at the very moment those runners were feeling the same thing (joy, pain & euphoria) evil bastards wanted to hurt them and the people who loved them and cheered for them. That pissed me off! At a moment when they were proud, happy, tired, pained, thirsty, euphoric….an awful tragedy happened. I put my self in their mind if that had happened to me at the end of my 13.1 mile run. I still cry thinking about it.

Yes, you may think it’s silly….but they attacked, hurt and killed members of my family. I did not know a single person in that marathon….but I felt for them like I loved them.

So today, it’s weird but I read every update, look at pictures and reports coming from the Boston Marathon…and I feel like I know these people. I’m jealous of them and at the same time cheering for them…like you do with family. I will never make it to Boston Marathon as a runner…that’s not in the cards for me. But members of my family will make it and run and finish.

I recorded it today so I can watch some of it…I want to see their faces, their hugs, their sweat, their smiles…..they are my brothers and sisters.

I wore my Boston colors today and will give them 3.1 miles tonight, likely with tears in my eyes.

I “sports hate” the Bruins, Red Sox and Patriots….but I love Bostoners for coming out today and cheering my family on when I couldn’t be there with them.

~Hat Tip to Boston~



7 thoughts on “We are Family

  1. Awww you’re so beautiful!! I love how loving you are- this post along with every single one of your posts says SO much about your character!! You’re lovely beyond words!! XOXO!!!
    I know exactly how you’re feeling and how you were feeling last year!! As runners, we appreciate and love each other because we know exactly how it feels to pound the pavement day after day. We know the emotions it takes to go through each and every run no matter how long or short!! It takes drive, dedication, and beyond anything else love/respect for our body. When someone messes with us/messes with other runners, it’s devastating to us.

  2. It’s not just because you’re a runner that you relate, it’s because you have a big heart that’s full of love! We are all connected in one way or another, and in many instances it’s like we’re family even if we’ve never met, and you definitely don’t mess with someone’s family! My hubby was a volunteer fireman many years ago before he was injured (not fighting fire) and could no longer do it. He felt so connected to the fireman lost on Sept 11th though he never knew even one of them, he felt like he did. Not that we all weren’t severely affected, it’s just that some of us grieved harder than others for different reasons. No matter the situation, sometimes it just speaks to you more than it might someone else because you have a special connection. I love seeing that the people running the marathon are showing the world that they will endure, no matter what! 😀

    1. I can imagine that firefighters, emts, police must have been very connected to 911 rescuers. And very devastated. You are right, we are all family like when our own are hurt.

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