Love, Rain O’er Me

Running 3.1 miles in a downpour just seems more hardcore
Running 3.1 miles in a downpour just seems more hardcore

“Love, Reign O’er Me” – The Who

Only love can make it rain
The way the beach is kissed by the sea
Only love can make it rain
Like the sweat of lovers layin’ in the fields

Love, reign o’er me
Love, reign o’er me
Rain on me, rain on me


I believe today will be rest day for me. I feel good mentally but my body is exhausted. I’m now logging 20-25 miles per week since the half marathon on Apr 6.

I do not start my serious marathon training schedule until June… today, I’m taking a day off. I’ll still do my squats tonight but I think that’s it!

I have been known to say this and Β change my mind when I get home but I don’t feel that happening today.

As you know, I love running in the rain. It started when I first started running and the rain cooled my body off and made my run more enjoyable. I was pretty big at the time so I needed some help.

Aug 2012, Kevin and I completed a night run in downtown St. Louis and the downpour was so bad that we said fuck it and went back to the car with the intention to drive to our apartment for dry clothes then someone to eat. At that point, we were already soaking wet by standing at the race waiting for it to start. We saw throngs of people still lining up to do that race.


Kevin's goofy face which is why he never wants on facebook! lol
Kevin’s goofy face which is why he never wants on facebook! lol

So because we were already soaking wet…..I said “Kevin, let’s do this”. We got out of our car in a torrential downpour and ran that night race. It was great! I had a 5k PR! After you get wet and shoes are soaked, you might as well go enjoy it. We still talk about that race. Β I bet over a 1,000 people still ran that race. “Torchlight Run” Aug 2012.

I am so glad we got out of that car.

Yesterday, I wanted to run and it was sprinkling rain so I said to myself “Awesome, I’ll Do This” Β πŸ™‚

Well, it was sprinkling when I started but after .5 miles, the bottom let out of the sky and it poured down. I know passer-bys thought I was a fool for running in that rain with a smile on my face.

It rained so hard that it was hard to see and I forgot to wear my visor.

My shoes were sopping wet from running through waterholes on the sidewalk along with everything else.Β I loved it!

Yesterday, I did 3.1 miles for Boston in the rain. πŸ™‚

~Run in the Rain~



15 thoughts on “Love, Rain O’er Me

  1. OH WOW, you always amaze me with your cool/love to run in the rain type of attitude!!! You’re so phenomenal!!! YOU ARE!! YOU ARE!!! πŸ˜‰ Great job!!

  2. Way to go, Charlotte! Are your shoes making that squishy sound still? Lol I love that sound. Running in the rain seems like the perfect expression of freedom for you, and it shows.

    1. Yeah that’s not good or where there’s lightening! I got caught running last year when tornado warnings were blasting. I ran harder to get back to my dogs who are scared of storms.

    1. Thanks, Frankie! In addition to enjoying your blog, I am so glad I found Oldmainer blog from your blog. I love reading his posts! I have been so entertained.

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