Attitude Adjustment, Young Lady!


I got up this morning and didn’t mind going in to work at all like I feared that I would.

I think I gave myself an attitude adjustment as my parents used to call it! “You need an attitude adjustment, young lady!”

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday was great for my mental stability…..

I feel energetic and much more adaptable to Tall Poppy’s bullshit today. And that’s the way it should be. I can’t change people, I CAN change how I deal with them. I’m high-strung or wound tight…however people want to classify it. But today, I’m docile and agreeable. Let’s hope I can maintain that!

I am becoming increasing worried about my Peyton. We can tell that he is probably in the beginning stages of hip dysplasia. His mom had it and we knew that. It’s very hereditary. We have from the start done everything to make sure Peyton (and Eli) stay healthy. We exercise them often, feed them good quality dog food and keep their body weight down…in addition to other things such as heartworm, tick and flea prevention. They see their doctor more than Kevin and I see ours!

But, yesterday I noticed that Peyton has an ugly wart like growth on his right hip while I was massaging his backside. When I touched it he got upset and he kept licking it last night. It has a dark spot on the wart which worries me. So he has a Vet appointment later this afternoon to get him checked out. As always, I fear the worst. Peyton is my baby and I treat him like my baby. So, I’m hoping for the best.

I will also tell the vet about the signs of dysplasia. I don’t think there’s anything to do about that except for to take care of his joints.

It’s cool and rainy today. It’s a great day to run (for me). But, I don’t plan any exercise since I have to rush home, get Peyton and get him to the vet by 5pm.

I might do kettlebells and squats tonight in place of running. I have a bit of shin splints on my right leg so it could probably use a rest.

It’s probably about time for new shoes. I prefer to wear Asics Nimbus but I alternate with Brooks Glycerin. Asics are great for the long runs and Brooks for my shorter ones. I try not to get attached to one kind of shoe (although I have) because sometimes they change the style and I usually like them less. The Brooks have a bigger toe box..maybe too big but Asics Nimbus are so light and airy.

Brooks Glycerin 10

Brooks Glycerin 10

Asics Nimbus 15 (my favorite)
Asics Nimbus 15 (my favorite)



8 thoughts on “Attitude Adjustment, Young Lady!

  1. Awww, sweet post and I’m SO glad you are feeling better today!! It looks like those few days off were just what ya needed!! YAAAY!!! Poor Peyton!! Good luck at the vet!!! XOXO!!! I’ll be thinking about you guys!!

  2. Glad you’re doing better! I’ve been beating myself up mentally and it takes a toll. Sorry to hear about your dog! I also have Asics Gel Nimbus and I alternate with trail running shoes and another pair (Reeboks), but I mostly wear the Asics.

    1. Thanks! 🙂 I started bit those big old klunky Nikes. I didn’t know the difference in a running shoe or otherwise. Someone recommended that I try Asics. I loved the nimbus when I first tried them on. It was Nimbus 12 and I still think they are the best. I’ve even tried to buy those on ebay. But I had to break down and start changing to 13, 14 and now 15. I do have a pair of Five Fingers for trails. They help to grip when it’s muddy. I tried running in them and they are not for me!

  3. Those Nimbus are the BEST colors! I definitely jump around from brand to brand when it comes to shoes. I thought I loved my Adrenalines, but they ended up royally messing up my feet. Ever since then I’ve been hunting for my new favorite thing and hence have 4 pairs in rotation right now.

    I hope everything is okay with Peyton! Sending lots of good healthy vibes to him. Our old dog Marley had hip dysplasia and there’s really not a lot that can be done, but he lived with it for a long time!

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