Peyton & the Green Running Monster

(Sorry for the long post but I’m talkie today)  


Peyton had a bit of surgery yesterday. The vet (Dr. Jeanie Welker) wanted me to leave him all night but Peyton gets stressed when we do that so I wanted him home so I could take care of him.  When I went to pick him up after his surgery, my baby could barely walk. He looked like a drunk puppy. I had tears in my eyes and she told me he was feeling NO pain. 🙂

I was happy that the lump was only a body “tag” and she removed it, stitched him up and his x-rays did show very slight dysplasia. She said it was barely noticeable and as long as we take care of him the way we have, he will live a long and healthy life. She even said he can continue to run with us, which he and Eli both love. She made me feel good by telling me how healthy both our boys were and that we were good dog caretakers for giving them appropriate medical care, keeping their weight down, giving them plenty of exercise and not letting them get fat like most people do with their dogs…especially labs.

She made a comment that I thought I’d never hear. She was discussing how Americans are getting fatter and fatter and that our dogs were getting fatter and fatter also. She said “You and I are on the smaller side but many are not”  What??? me??? 🙂

FYI re: Dr. Welker – She is a small, fit,  lovely woman who is a former US Naval Officer and a member of the Natural Bodybuilder Federation.

She and I (aka smaller Americans) lifted Peyton up into my car. He’s 76 lbs so that wasn’t easy. He just passed out in my lap while I was driving home! He was drugged and out most of the night.

All that made me feel great…..except for the $430! Cha-ching!

He seemed a bit groggy this morning but fine. He had a good breakfast and his daddy took him for a walk and gave him a peanut butter stuffed kong before he left for work.

I didn’t run or do any exercise last night. I just wasn’t in the mood. Tonight I will try to get in a short run and maybe some strength exercises. (I’m still amused that I refer to 3 miles as a short run)

I have not began my regimented marathon training yet. That starts in earnest on June 17th in order to taper the week before my marathon. But I am still trying very hard to log at least 25 miles per week.

Prepare, prepare:

I have been reading marathon training tips, tips and more tips. One important tip is to train in the gear you will be running in. I need new running shorts. I love Under Armour (who doesn’t?).  It will be Oct 19 in Missouri so who knows what the weather will be. My hopes are that it will be cool like 45-55 degrees but probably won’t happen. All my good running socks have holes. I need a new sports bra. The last thing I want to do during 26.2 miles is tug at underwear and bra.  I need to be breaking in new shoes. I have already determined that I like GU as my fuel and that salted caramel is damn good! The peanut butter almost choked me during the Half in April. When your throat is dry, you don’t need peanut butter…but it was tasty! HA!  I also take jelly beans.

I still haven’t bought that Garmin Forerunner 220 yet. Peyton’s vet trip ate up Garmin money! 🙂 I do still like using runkeeper on my iPhone and I always take my phone when I run and the runkeeper GPS and music will run the battery down after it takes me 7 hours to finish! haha I  hope I’m kidding here. 🙂

I already wear a Polar heart monitor so maybe I can just wait on the Garmin. My husband is encouraging me to get it and train with it…so maybe. He must be wanting another guitar or something for his drums.  🙂

Ok…..I’m long winded today plus Tall Poppy is fluttering around making all the decisions today so all I have to do is hang out, socialize and wait for the fallout. Oh well, there was that 45 minute painful meeting we had in his office with him informing me how he is making all these high level decisions for political (corporate) reasons. 🙂 Phew…

I spent some time last night reading running blogs and posts from runners on facebook and I started experiencing jealousy….maybe for the first time. I am proud of how far I have come since being almost 300 lb runner wannabe. I’m not a young chick by any means. My mind is young but my body reminds me on more than one occasion that I am not. I have never pretended that I am a fast or even slightly fast runner. I am sure and steady at best. “I don’t have a runner’s body but I have a runner’s heart” – to steal a quote that I saw on Pinterest.

I am starting to doubt my ability to even run a marathon. So when I see all the happy runners posting incredible fast times and complaining about not doing it faster, I doubt whether I am a runner or not. These fast people complain about not finishing a full marathon in under 2 1/2 hours and I can’t even finish a half in that time! Don’t get me wrong, If I could do that, I’d brag too! But still…..

My EARLY Christmas list is below….

Garmin Forerunner 220
Garmin Forerunner 220
Under Armour Ultra Long Women's Compression Shorts
Under Armour Ultra Long Women’s Compression Shorts

Asics Nimbus 15

Asics Nimbus 15

 ~Run for Quality of Life~


18 thoughts on “Peyton & the Green Running Monster

  1. Here’s another Pinterest quote for you: “Don’t compete with others; compete with yourself.” Don’t get down on yourself because other people are faster than you–you have no idea what their circumstances are. Instead, just try everyday to be better than you were yesterday! 🙂

  2. Don’t ever doubt if you are a runner or not. You run and you are most certainly a runner. If you can laugh at how 3 miles is just a short run now….the proof is in the pudding. Hmm..speaking of pudding, I always complain that despite running crazy miles I don’t have a runner’s body. I weigh more than I look like and have bigger legs than those skinny little things. I actually had a doctor tell me a few weeks ago that I should lose weight. I dropped him, not the weight. One quick marathon advice that I found very helpful. When training begins buy two pairs of shoes. Alternate them each day and you will have two good pairs ready for the marathon and you won’t have to break in any more shoes during training when you are most vulnerable to injury. Go get em’ runner!

    1. You made my day! Thank you. I do wish of all things that I had those skinny runner’s legs! Also thank you for the running shoe advice. I’m going shopping this weekend. I spend more money in runner’s stores than anywhere else.

      1. Once you know what shoes you like try ordering them on They have great prices and once you use them for a bit they give you free overnight shipping.

  3. Good news for Peyton! I hope that he recovers quickly. Eli’s not eating his food while he’s groggy, is he? 😉 You ARE a runner! I can’t believe that you said that. You have achieved so much already and yet you push more. You are certainly an inspiration to me. You run, girl!!! And by the way, I think you should buy hubby that guitar. Just sayin’. 😉

    1. HA! My hubby has guitars now he doesn’t have time to play! The first gift I ever bought him was a Fender Acoustic. He played “Lineman for the County” to me. I fell in love right then! haha Thanks for your comment, Rob. 🙂

      1. My wife thinks that more than one guitar is too many. I have 10 now, but each one is different. 🙂 Whenever I play, I get the rolling eyes. Oh well….

        Have a great night!

  4. Oh so cute, I love your early Christmas gifts and never doubt yourself as a runner! We all have our own personal journeys that we go on as runners and different goals we strive for, so be proud that you’re a fabulous runner! You rock! XOXO!

  5. I didn’t mean to complain about fast runners. I get great inspiration from reading what they accomplish and talk about. I admire all people who run. I’m amazed that people can run long distances under 7min mile. I was just a bit whiney! 🙂 ~Run On~

  6. I wish I could even run a 5k! I’m not even that far yet. It’s all relative. Looking at how far you’ve come and that you run as much as you do- Yes! You are a runner! I have similar doubts about my abilities (due to age), just had a break down over it too. But I’m a wanna-be and will keep trying and you inspire me so much to keep trying! Thank you! Great news for Peyton 🙂

    1. That is very sweet, Cynthia! You will get there as long as you get something out of it. I’m 54 and many times I forget my age when I’m running. It’s usually the next morning that I am reminded! 🙂 You keep at it. I do well remember when I started couch to 5k and couldn’t run 30 seconds. 5ks are still a challenge for me. 🙂

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