And Listen to the Music of the Run….

I almost peed myself reading this because it’s so funny. I re-posted it to RunJunkEes on FB and they loved it too. Read it and laugh…..

75 Thoughts Every Runner Thinks About On A Run

I thought I was the only one who thought weird/strange thoughts on my runs. Not just long runs but any run.

I have a slightly tweaked left hamstring so I’m not going to get the running in tonight so that means I have to pick 11 miles before Sunday. But hey, Quinton’s night! HA!

I know the running purists do not believe in running with music. I cannot run without it. I do turn it down or leave one earbud out so I can hear things and be safe. I don’t always do that if I am running on a trail with no traffic. I do need to be more careful and not get wrapped up in the music so that I’m not as attentive. But in races, I turn it low.

I have noticed that when I run, at certain points I reflect heavily on lyrics. When I mean reflect, I mean analyze. I’ve always loved music. Blues is my favorite and especially old school but I can find enjoyment in most music.

I  heard some hipster say “if you like all music, you like NO music”. Bullshit! All kinds of music has marked so many poignant times in my life. My mom and dad listened to country music: Patsy Cline, Jim Reeves, Conway Twitty etc. I still can listen to Patsy Cline all night and it takes me back. I can sing every word to many Patsy Cline songs!

The first song that I really became aware of and spurred my love of music was “Killing Me Softly” – Roberta Flack. I was very young but I’ll never forget the first time heard it. I loved the soft melody and the beautiful lyrics.

And OMG, have you ever really listened to the lyrics to “Midnight Train to Georgia” – Gladys Knight….”I’d rather live in his world, than live without him in mine”.

I fell in love with Kevin when he played his guitar and sang “Lineman for the County” to me before he left to go back to California leaving me in Missouri.

I love 70’s R&B: Delfonics, Chi-lites, Spinners…etc

I’m not a music snob….well, I did have a hard time finding music in the 90s that I liked.  Kidding, really….kinda 🙂

I Agree!
I Agree!

I was born and raised in a really poor family. I was painfully aware of that. Music provided an escape for me. I fell in love with Keith Partridge, Donny Osmond, Rod Stewart and I adored Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees. I even named my son after one of his sons! Music enriched me.

If you ever get the chance, listen to the lyrics carefully of  “Mama” by Tupac , “Red Sector A” by Rush. His parents met in a Nazi concentration camp in Poland. When I really listened to these lyrics, I forgot I was running. (Not always a good and safe thing to do).

I can get lost in a run by listening to the soundtrack of “The Phantom of the Opera” or “Cats” or “Grease” 🙂

I can listen to Sinatra, Waylon, George, Hank, Jay-Z, Marvin Gaye, Teddy Pendergrass, Billy Idol, Bruno Mars, Lady GaGa, Bee Gees…

So, maybe I like running because it gives me a chance to relive and enjoy music?

~Play On~



5 thoughts on “And Listen to the Music of the Run….

  1. I laughed my head off at the 75 thoughts! I can sooooo relate!!!! And I love almost all types of music too, so I’m with you on that! I played violin and oboe and a tiny bit on a few other instruments and I think it helped give me an appreciation for all types of music. 😉

    1. I know! I can add some more things that I think about while running but I can’t tell my husband! hehe That is so cool that you played the violin and oboe. I have always wished I could play the guitar and have taken a couple of lessons but never stuck with it. My husband and son plays guitars.

      1. I bet you see a lot of things run that you could add to that list! hahaha

        I keep thinking I’ll start playing the violin again, but still have yet to do it. It’s been almost 30 years since I actually played, so I KNOW I’d be terrible! haha I think I just have too many other things to do to actually do it right now though. Maybe one day…… 🙂

  2. What a beautiful post!! So sweet that music is a great escape for you!!! Lyrics REALLY speak to me, too!!! It’s amazing how many memories you reminisce about while listening to music!!

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