I’ll Take a Little Wine with that Run

I was so tired last night that my legs hurt most all night. Not in a bad way but a  restless-like ache.

I slept good and woke up tired to a beautiful morning but I had to try out my new Garmin! Kevin took the dogs on their walk and I laced up and hit the road for a quick 3. I was so achy and tired at first I almost came home at 1/2 mile in but I stuck with it and finished the 3. I might never have run 3 miles so tired before but after it was over, I felt great and especially happy with my Garmin…except for one thing. After 3 miles, my old heart rate monitor would show that I had burned about 330 calories but the Garmin shows 260.

I’m going to assume that the Garmin is more correct so I’ll use it for my calorie burn # versus my Polar heart monitor.

It has been another spectacular day in Mid – Missouri. We did grocery shopping and prepping for a grilling out steaks tonight.

Kevin will be manning the rib eyes on the grill and I am making roasted root veggies (parsnips, sweet potatoes, golden beets, butternut squash) roasted with olive oil and garlic. Kevin also made a cucumber and tomato salad. He’s an awesome cook and I’m lucky to have him as my chef! 🙂

Roasted Root Veggies with Olive Oil, Red Pepper and Garlic
Roasted Root Veggies with Olive Oil, Red Pepper and Garlic

My lunch consisted of wine, pumpernickel bread, almonds and maytag bleu cheese! I just felt like having that in a our backyard watching the dogs play and Kevin sowing grass seed…again this year!


Strawberry Moscato, Maytag Bleu Cheese, Spanish Almonds in Olive Oil, Pumpernickel
Strawberry Moscato, Maytag Bleu Cheese, Spanish Almonds in Olive Oil, Pumpernickel

I believe I may take the day off running tomorrow. It’s time for yard mowing again so I’ll do that for my cardio tomorrow. I love doing yard work.

I planted more herbs today because the winter was not kind to my rosemary, sage, thyme and mint. I used to bring them in the house but we didn’t this winter and they paid the price.

We have given some thoughts to planting tomato plants again this year but our yard is canopied by trees and not enough sunlight. I prefer to buy them at the Amish farms anyway and not expensive.

I told you guys that Kevin was convincing me to get the Garmin and he’s always sweet like that so I wondered if he wanted something (guitar, drums assessories or etc) but he wanted a Juicer!

So, he’s juicing everything in sight. I did enjoy the apple with ginger glass of juice this morning. But I saw something green in that thing earlier….and yuck! 🙂

I don’t like drinking my calories (except wine) but the apple juice was particularly good.

I dread this coming week as usual but it has to come….

~Wine a Little~


9 thoughts on “I’ll Take a Little Wine with that Run

    1. Strawberry moscato was awesome! A local Missouri winery. Missouri has over 100 wineries. Most people don’t know that. Most are grape wineries and a few fruit wineries.

  1. Sounds like a rewarding day. We love juicing too. We planted beet seeds during the winter, and now they are perfect for juicing. They are especially good for runners. I can’t reiterate it, but it does something good to our livers which in turn, delivers more oxygen to our blood as we run? Something like that 😛

    1. Thanks, Cynthia! I am fortunate to have someone cook for me! 🙂 The root veggies were delicious but so was the rib eye he grilled out! Take care 🙂

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