Tired, Sick or Karma…Whatever


I am still very tired from this weekend which has me a bit worried. I didn’t sleep well and woke up tired. If it is all the miles that I’m running, I’m ok with that (if that’s what it is) because I will have to get used to this and much more if I have any hope of achieving my dream of finishing a marathon this year.

Oh, and Peyton ran into my leg last night trying to beat me in the house and hit my knee causing it to hyper-extend. I put cold packs on it last night and just a bit sore today.

I was sluggish at work and got even more tired on my 42 drive home from work. I took the night off running and did a bit of yard work: mowing and weed-eating to get some exercise.

I’m showered and laid out on the couch now flipping between Cardinals baseball, Criminal Minds and Hockey. πŸ™‚ Kevin took the dogs out for a walk without me.

I’m hoping that I’m not coming down with anything because except for my surgery and the recovery, I haven’t been sick in way over a year. (knock wood) The thought has occurred to me that calling in sick last Friday and Monday may be Karma coming back on me!

Has anyone ever watched that series “My Name is Earl”?? Initially I hated it because I don’t like anyone making fun or light of southern people but after I started watching it, I loved it! Southern people rock!! It was all about karma and him making amends for bad things he’s done to people in his past. It’s funny on a sophomoric level. I’m also a big “Joe Dirt” fan! πŸ™‚

Anyway, I’m sure after a night’s rest, I’ll be good tomorrow. I didn’t eat well yesterday and last night I had a huge rib eye for dinner but I didn’t feel well even before that. I’m sure it’s nothing. I have a check up with my doctor in June so I’ve covered πŸ™‚

I’ve spend a great deal of free time today reading people’s accounts of their marathons. Two of these people have great accounts of theirs: Cat at “Cat’s Mewsings” and Dan atΒ “Dan’s Marathon”Β . I’m jealous of both..but great accounts of their marathons.

I am like a sponge right now reading peoples accounts and tips for marathons.

~Karma’s a Bitch~



15 thoughts on “Tired, Sick or Karma…Whatever

  1. Thanks for the shoutout, Charlotte! I always find myself feeling extra tired when I’m upping my mileage. I’m sure that’s what it is for you! It’s tiring being an awesome runner πŸ˜‰

  2. Hope you get your energy back soon. Maybe the night off will help. Peyton’s just like my dog, trying to beat us in the house first. He’s a real alpha type.

  3. Oooooo – I don’t like reading the “I’m sure I’ll feel better tomorrow”. 😦 That to me makes it sound like you suspect something’s a little more off then just being tired, and you’re trying to reassure yourself that it’s just a wee bit of exhaustion from running.

    Are you ok? And I mean, not that you’re tired, or have a painful leg after the canine encounter, but do you suspect there is something else brewing?

    1. I don’t feel well and that’s not typical for me. I think I’m just tired from increase in running but on the other hand, I’m paranoid about getting some serious problem. I just recently found out my brother is seriously ill so maybe I put myself in that position. Thanks, Cathy πŸ™‚

      1. I’m not gonna beat around the bush – take it from someone who’s heart is trying to kill them… if something doesn’t feel right, don’t wait until the summer to see the doc!

        It might just be a bug, it might be an infection somewhere (and chances are you should be resting, not running about). Learn to listen to your body, if the body is telling you “somthing’s wrong”, we all just try to ignore it, as we don’t want to believe. The body sometimes misunderstands things, and will alert us to things that doesn’t matter… but sometimes it will alert us to some we really should pay attention to. πŸ˜€

        I ended up with a heart attack last year after three weeks of feeling unwell. I figured it was a bug. Three weeks of headaches, feeling tired and queasy, then one evening of being terrified followed by a sleepless night, to a day of cold sweating before my heart decided to have a wee party it didn’t invite me to. Hahahaha. A helpful link, as most don’t associate the warning signals that something might be brewing http://www.webmd.com/heart/features/are_you_headed_for_heart_attack

        Listen to your body, take a rest, enjoy a good book and a snuggle (human or canine!), and if you don’t feel better soon, take that check up a little earlier. πŸ™‚

        I do hope your brother will be ok. (((((hugs))))))

      2. Thanks Cathy. I am very sorry for what you went through and that’s a scary thing. You gave good advice. If I’m not better in a couple days, I’ll call my doc. Thanks and take care of yourself πŸ™‚

  4. Oh that quote is so true! I usually prefer to self diagnose and self treat via Web – md versus seeing a real doctor because I’m always afraid the first thing they’ll tell me is to quit running. (Possibly the sign of an addict?) But it’s definitely not the best idea especially when it comes to an illness. I think the rule of thumb is 48 hours then see a doctor. I hope you feel better soon! I’ve found I definitely need more rest and food when running higher mileage or my body totally breaks down on me!

  5. I’m doing the exact same thing! With the race looming so close I’m like obsessed with reading other peoples’ stories. I love it. (Plus it’s keeping me occupied and will probably help a lot during my taper!) I’m so sorry about your knee! I hope you’re feeling better super fast! Training can definitely be exhausting so I’m sure you must be at least a little tired from that. You’ve been working so hard!

  6. Okay first, I love that you knock on wood!! That’s totally me!! I used to watch My Name is Earl! Hehe!! Funny! I’ve been feeling a little tired this week from last weeks workouts!!! I’m with ya!! Make sure you get your rest!!! XOXO!! Have a great Tuesday!

  7. You may be low in iron, Charlotte. Now that you are starting to clock up the big miles it might be a good idea to take a little iron tablet with your breakfast each morning. And don’t force the speed. It will come. Good luck.

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