Runner’s Stomach, NFL and the Garmin

I’ve always read about it and now I may be experiencing it.

It may be something else but ever since my half marathon on Apr 6, I’ve had stomach issue that range from achy like hunger to runner’s trots. Yes, I know that’s not pleasant to talk about but it appears to be common with people who run a lot….”Runner’s Stomach

Excerpt : “Running is a high-risk sport in regards to our digestive system; blood that is normally used to digest food and maintain a normal functioning gut gets diverted to muscles to supply enough oxygen to fuel continuous movement. Plus, all that jostling up and down causes agitation; add in pre-race jitters and a higher intensity race pace, and you have the perfect combination for the possibility of unwanted intestinal side effects. ”Β 

It’s not as bad as I’ve heard but yes, it’s happening to me. I’ve always had the “gotta pee pees” while I run but not this! I’m a whiny baby but I don’t like it. πŸ™‚


On another note, I love my Garmin Forerunner 220 with HRM. I am having some problems messing with settings and when I get on a run, I notice something is not right.

My review of it so far: (and I don’t know much about GPS thingies)

~love the color and style

~light weight

~easy to use

~GPS connects fast!

~love the many training programs that you can load to your GPS and it serves as a coach

~works well with the treadmill and seems very accurate on mileage

~great vibration alerts

~high resolution face and attractive

I’ve run +12 miles so far this week and should hit my 20+ miles per week goal. I’ll do some miles tomorrow and a long run ~7 miles on Saturday at Forest Park in St. Louis…my favorite place in Missouri to run.

Oh, I almost forgot…for people who know how much I hate treadmill running…

I ran 3.1 on my treadmill in my basement last night due to temperatures too hot for me to run. Also, running outside in humid and warm temps…I DO NOT SWEAT! It is hard to be that kind of runner. Sweat cools your body and keeps your heart rate down. I can sweat in cool weather and working out inside..but not in warm weather.

Ok, back to story…I sweated like a man on that treadmill last night! Within 10 minutes, I was drenched and soaking wet. It felt incredible! Sweat was burning my eyes. I also ran faster finishing my 3.1 in ~26 minutes. I felt great. It’s still boring as fuck but maybe I can utilize the treadmill in my favor.

I’d rather run outside but now I know I can run on the treadmill if I have to.

I had a nice run short 3.1 in the rain tonight…and you know how that makes me feel

Now, back to the NFL draft and people who know, know I love football…

~Run Dammit~


5 thoughts on “Runner’s Stomach, NFL and the Garmin

    • Nice we have roughly the same mileage goal this week!

      I used to have stomach problems when running, then they just went away, even though I don’t think I did anything differently. Maybe my stomach got stronger? I really don’t know. xD It used to help if I waited longer after eating though.

    • Oops sorry Kristin, I just meant for that to be a comment on the post, not a reply to your comment! This is what 4am does to me I guess lol…

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