I didn’t sleep well last night but I did run 7 miles in Forest Park this morning.

It started getting warm which doesn’t bode well for a runner who doesn’t sweat in the heat. That put me at a little over 22 miles for the week. I met my 20 mile goal! 🙂

The first half of the Forest Park 7 was nice and easy, then came the hills. I have felt fairly tired for the rest of the day.

I was listening to the soundtrack to “Phantom of the Opera” and I believe that made my run easier. The only problem was it was on shuffle so that pissed me off and no time to stop and fix it. All the songs were out-of-order. I’ll fix that for the next long run.

After shower, lunch and rest, we went over to see Allison, Daniel and Sadie. Ashley (my son) was working. Sadie is getting cuter and sweeter each time I see her. 🙂

Daniel came home with us and is spending the night.

We went over after my son got off work and drank a beer with them outside in the beautiful weather.

They gave me a pretty charm bracelet and dark chocolate for Mother’s Day. 🙂

We are taking Daniel’s mother and sister out to “Mother’s Day” breakfast in the morning. My son has to work.

I didn’t eat very well today and my stomach is paying for it tonight!

I’m not sleeping well lately and not sure why. My stomach issues are not any better. Maybe the bad eating is not helping?

Rest day for me on Sunday! It’s “Mother’s Day” to me too!







2 thoughts on “Charmed

  1. Oh my gosh, fabulous job!!!! Over 22 miles for the week!!! Way to go!!! You’re rockin’ it!!! Happy Mother’s Day, too!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

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