Marathon Obsessed and Overthunk

As I talk about ad nauseam, I am in beginning phases of marathon training. My marathon is the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon in St. Louis, MO on Oct 19, 2014.

RnR St. Louis Half and Full Marathon Map
RnR St. Louis Half and Full Marathon Map

I have run 3 half marathons and I ran my last one Apr 6, 2014 with not even a walk break through water stations. I was pretty proud of that. 🙂

I am more driven to do this than I’ve been for anything in my life. I am not sure why but I must do it. I can’t stop thinking about it. Maybe it’s because I’ve never really been anything with a positive label “marathoner” before, maybe it’s because at almost 300 lbs that was an impossible dream, maybe I want to leave this world with something my grandchildren can look up to with pride about their grandma and even emulate…..maybe I want that sticker on my car. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen that sticker on other people’s car and admired them and didn’t even know them……I don’t know, maybe it’s vanity.  I think the truth is all of that but the foremost thought in my mind is I want to know what it feels like to push myself to a limit I could never imagine before. I want to know the pain, euphoria and pride.

26.2 bitches!

26.2 bitches!

I plan on training to the Hal Higdon first time marathoner. It’s 18 weeks of training. I have my calendar all made out. So my official 1st day will begin June 17, 2014 although I am in pre-training now.

I run 20+ miles per week with long 7 or 8 mile runs on Saturdays.

Per the training, I will work up to a 18 miles on Sept 18th and 20 miles on Sept 27th. My issue is that I over think and over read way to much. I am reading where many seasoned marathoners think that working up to a 20 mile run for a first time marathoner is unnecessary.

To be honest, 18 and 20 miles are daunting to me as a 54-year-old formerly overweight first time marathon wannabe.  I would like an easier, less daunting way to get there. I’m just want to finish, I dont care about time.

If any you marathoners out there have advice for me on training plans, I’d love to hear about it.

Also, I know that nutrition way before and during marathon training is very important. Any advice on that? I’m a common sense eater and I know the way to  healthy eat but I want to know is there a plan leading up to the marathon to eat by?

I’ve read from many runners that beet juice is great for runners. And since my husband is a juicer….he’d be happy to juice anything! There are some studies that says beet juice has been proven to increase endurance, help blood flow and muscle contraction. Beets are a super food! And I need super foods instead of junk foods, right?

I may be one of the few who love the taste of beets. I used to eat them raw as a kid. I love the earthy taste of them and the color makes them a sexy food. Raw oysters on the half are sexy…and good. 🙂 (getting away from my beet point) 


 ♥Beets Rule♥


14 thoughts on “Marathon Obsessed and Overthunk

    1. Thanks, Rob. I’ll have to try those! We have never planted beets before. Maybe next year would be a good idea to do that. I’ll see if I can find those at the Farmer’s Market. I do really love pickled beets.

      1. I went crazy trying to find those seeds last year and didn’t have any luck. I was at home depot last month looking for deck stain, and there they were in the seed carousel. I grow them in containers and they’re pretty hardy!

  1. Haha!!! I love that you love beets!! You totally sound like my parents!!! I wish I did but I’m not a huge fan!! Beets are great for runners!!!
    WOOHOO, marathon training!!! YOU ROCK!!! XOXO!!

  2. This is so inspiring. Being a newbie to your blog, and just learning that you were 300lbs and now you’re running marathons? Absolutely amazing. My goal is to run my first marathon by next year and it’s so daunting. I like that word 😉 but I’ll get there! Get it girl, you’re doing awesome and inspiring others, with or without that sticker.

  3. You are such an inspiration! Which marathon are you running? I like hal higdons training plans – I followed his intermediate program for my last marathon. And I know the 20 miles sounds daunting now (as I’m sure 13.1 miles was at one point)-but pretty soon you’ll be annoying non – running friends by casually saying things like, “I only have to run 16 miles this weekend….” 😉 I was like you, never dreamed completing a marathon was possible, but you’re totally going to rock it! And it’s such a great feeling of accomplishment! 🙂

    1. I’m going to attempt to run the RnR in St. Louis in Oct. I registered early so I would have that committment to train by. Thanks for your inspiration. Congratulations to you for accomplishing that feat that only < 1% of people in the world ever complete…the marathon! I think that percentage is astounding! I can't ever imagine saying the words "only" and "16 miles" in the same sentence! lol

  4. I’ve always heard that one should do at least one 20-miler before a marathon, but I have never done a marathon so I’m not sure if it’s absolutely necessary. I’m sure it could only help you, though! And I think overcoming the mental barrier of a 20-mile long run will be important for making it through the marathon, too. Good luck!

    1. I do think it makes sense that it would overcome the mental barrier. Most training programs do show building up to the 20 mile through 18 weeks then tapering down. Thanks!

  5. Apart from the long runs etc do one tempo run each week. Warm up for a couple of miles, then run six miles at close to 10k race pace, then a couple of miles cool down. If you do that every week, I “promise” you will start overtaking runner after runner between mile 20 and the finish, on marathon day. Good luck Charlotte.

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