High Heels and Calf Cramps!

A quick post and off to bed. It’s been a long day but a nice one.

I have a few days vacation at my St. Louis apartment. We drove up with the puppies at noon, showered and dressed up and attended our daughter in law’s honors ceremony at St. Louis University School of Nursing.

We are very proud of her graduating from an accelerated program with honors with a husband and 2 kids and working part time.

Tomorrow morning is her big day! And Her family is here for her.

It’s cool and raining here and that made for a messy time with wet dogs, clothes and bad hair! The high heels killed my feet. How do women do wear those things? I’m having calf cramps that I don’t get on a half marathon! HA!

I got to see my 2 sweet kiddos.

I haven’t eaten very well today and her reception had desserts galore!

I finished the night with a couple glasses of wine with family.

I didn’t run today but hope to run a few tomorrow afternoon.

Puppy snuggling time and an early morning graduation.




6 thoughts on “High Heels and Calf Cramps!

    1. I mostly avoid them! haha They were all I had to wear with that dress. I do not see how some women wear them everywhere. I am almost as sore from walking in the for 2 days as I would be if I had run 13 miles! lol Thanks, Cynthia, we are very proud of her accomplishments.

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