Juice Man

Well, it’s been a Monday….

I don’t have much to blog about today and it’s just a bit after 8pm and I’m about to go to bed. As soon as Peyton comes and gets me, off we will go! 🙂

Work was crap and after being off for so many days, I’m buried with work that didn’t get done and trying to untangle things that did get done by “Tall Poppy”

I’ve been tired and hungry all day! I took today off of running and haven’t much but sit on the couch watching “Criminal Minds.”

Maybe I like running because I can eat more?

I ate healthy homemade chicken chili for dinner and I had my favorite snack a few minutes ago. I used to hate yogurt but as the years have gone by…it has become my favorite late night snack.

I love Dannon Light & Fit Greek Pineapple yogurt topped with grapenuts! Yum!


I’m pissed off tonight….

Kevin is now going on a pure juice diet starting today. And since he bought that juicer…nothing is sacred in its whole state in this house. I think it’s unhealthy and he claims he will be doing it until he loses 30 lbs. He is not very wise (in my opinion) when it comes to losing weight a healthy way. I have spent my entire adult life trying fad diets. When I finally decided to give those up, I lost weight.

I always feel like he is trying to find that “magic bullet” that will make him lose weight. He does these type of fad things to a point of obsession. We had words tonight over it. I give up…he never listens to reason and will never take advice. Pure juice diet just doesn’t make any common sense. Tonight he was drinking something that looks like green vomit. It doesn’t smell much different either. If he would just juice fruit….I could like that but he puts things in that the dogs won’t eat.


~Eat Your Calories~


8 thoughts on “Juice Man

  1. Rough start to the week for you 😦 Maybe this will be the last fad diet he tries if it fails. Maybe this will be the time he looks to your example and follows healthy eating. He’s at least one step ahead of my husband who seems to be making no attempt to lose weight at all.

    1. Thanks and he does run with me but he sometimes whines a lot about it but I’m glad he runs! Lol maybe he will see pure juice is not the way to go. Hope your day was good, Cynthia.

  2. From a nutrition consultants point of view, juicing is very healthy, but I would not personally recommend it to my clients to do it for every meal. I would be ok with one or two times per day and at least one meal that you have to chew, that includes a salad and loads of veggies (doesn’t matter if it’s lunch or supper). 🙂

    And pineapple is my favvvvvvvvvvvvvorite flavor of yogurt……or fruit! hahaha

    Hope your week gets better every day! 😀

    1. That’s my worry with him is that he is doing it every meal. I know you get a little protein with some veggies but not enough. Hopefully he won’t do it for long but I guess I have to let him try it! lol At least there are not many dishes to clean up but fruit and veggie pulp all over the kitchen! lol

  3. I still don’t really like yogurt, but I just finished some up before reading this post. xD

    From what I’ve heard about juice fasts, he is likely to drop several pounds of water weight quickly, but I doubt any of that is really sustainable. I share the concern mentioned in another comment about not getting enough protein. A smoothie diet would be better for that, not that any extreme diet is recommended.

    1. I agree that smoothies would be better. I am hoping he gets tired of just juice but this is day 2! 🙂 I’m going to order a pizza in and he can’t resist that! haha Just kidding…well, maybe.

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