High Maintenance Runner

Yeah, I know you’ve heard me complain time after time about not being able to break a sweat while I run in heat and humidity.

But, after today’s run, I have decided if I can’t find a way to help cool my body while I run, I won’t be able to do this training throughout the summer.  I am at the point of near desperation. My first 2 miles today were good and I had a good cadence, but mile 3 was a killer. 3 miles in the heat feels like a half marathon to me! I even took my little squirt water bottle but it didn’t help and it was bothersome to use.

I never dreamed that’s I’d be envious of people who sweat! 🙂  The other day when I had to run on the treadmill, the sweat was pouring out of my body and I was loving it. But, I hate treadmill running.

Yes, I am one of those whiney runners: if my shoes are tied to tight, if they are tied too loose, if feel a pebble in my shoe, if my ear buds are tangled, if my iPod stops, if my bra strap slips down, if my undies ride up my butt….practically anything.  I’m a high maintenance runner.

But at the suggestion of Lisa Macy Coaching, I’m going to try to find a cooling bandana or towel. I found some things that are carried in sporting goods stores.


It’s worth a try and there are good reviews on them plus they supposedly last 2 hours or so.

Yes, I am high maintenance but with all the things that I am willing to subject myself to for the 26.2 sticker…

♣~I’m a Beast~♣





8 thoughts on “High Maintenance Runner

  1. Oh great idea!! Please let us know how they work. Also, I’m curious…do you get chills when you don’t sweat while running outside in the heat?

  2. You’re a tough woman!! Hey, it’s okay to be high maintenance because at least you know that you’re listening to your body while you’re running!! That’s important!! I cannot stand when my shoes are tied too tight, either!! That is a running thing that really bothers me!! Hehe!! Have a wonderful day and I hope you start having some nice, relaxing, cool runs outside!!

  3. That’s a cool idea. Too bad about the sweating thing. You’ll figure it out one way or another. Keep chasing after that sticker, I know you can do it!!

  4. Charlotte, good to see you are pursuing the Ergodyne products like we talked about. As you know, I’ve reviewed them ad nauseum on my website, but find they work really well. I clicked on your picture of the 6700 and lo-and-behold, Ergodyne has a picture of yours truly (ugly, sweaty and tired), wearing their product, right on their website. I want royalties! LOL.

  5. Wow! I sweat so much that I can feel myself sweating when I swim! In fact, if I take a shower directly after my run, I’m usually still sweating afterwards in the spring and summer. Good luck with the towel! It’d be great if it works.

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